How to Find How Many Articles/Pages on a Website

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For internet marketers, finding the number of pages or articles on a website can give a slight lead among competitors. Although the exact number may never be known by outsiders, I found some tricks that could help us get an approximate figure.

These tricks are based on some features that generally can be found on a modern website. Also, we don’t have to use any fancy tools to do this work. All we need is a working browser with a little bit of website development knowledge.

#1 Use Google Search operator

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A search engine like Google will index almost all pages on a website. And the total index is actually available for the public when you search it with the right search operator.

Just type on the search engine and it will show you the approximate index of the website. However, you should take this information with a grain of salt as there is a possibility that the number was cached.

To be sure, try to go to the very end of the search result. From there, you can multiply the search result page by 10, and then you will get the correct number of indexed pages.

#2 Check the website sitemap

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A sitemap is a protocol that allows search engines to crawl every page on a website. It’s not only visible for search engines, but also anyone who is interested to see it.

The sitemap URL usually looks like this:


From there, you can go through different content type and see page URLs along with total number of them.

I found this method to be the most accurate. But there are a lot of websites which has a different sitemap structure specifically designed for search engines. Therefore they are much harder to explore by humans.

#3 Look for the website pagination

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This is primarily only good for a website with a numbered pagination system, commonly found on blogs and e-commerce websites. The trick is pretty simple, anyone who can run a simple calculation can do that.

First, you need to know how many articles or content in an archive page. Then, go to the very last archive page. When you hit the last number, multiply that by the total articles or content in a single archive page.

It’s very useful for counting a specific content type. The only drawback is sometimes there are too many archive pages and it can be labor-intensive to reach the very end.