How to Get Free Coins and Currency in the Line Messenger App

Key Takeaways

  • Line previously allowed users to earn free coins by completing tasks, but this feature has been discontinued
  • The only way to get Line Coins now is by purchasing them through the app’s store
  • Line has introduced a new cryptocurrency called Link that can be earned by engaging with the app

Line is a hugely popular messaging app, especially in Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. One of its key features is the ability to purchase virtual stickers, themes, and other digital items using an in-app currency called Line Coins (formerly known as Line Free Coins).

Many users are interested in finding ways to get these coins for free instead of paying real money. In this article, we’ll explore the various methods that were previously available for earning free Line Coins, as well as Line’s new cryptocurrency called Link.

Line Free Coins Are No Longer Available

In the past, Line allowed users to earn free coins through a variety of methods within the app itself. These included:

  • Adding Official Accounts: Users could get a small number of coins (usually 5) by adding certain official Line accounts to their friends list.[1]
  • Playing Games: Line had a selection of simple games that users could play, earning coins as rewards for reaching certain levels or scores.[6]
  • Tapjoy Offers: Through a partnership with Tapjoy, Line let users complete tasks like surveys, app installs, and other offers from third-party providers in exchange for free coins.[14]

However, as of a few years ago, Line has discontinued all of these free coin earning methods. Multiple sources on Reddit and other forums confirm that purchasing coins is now the only way to obtain them.[12]

Line’s New Cryptocurrency: Link

In 2018, Line announced that it would be launching its own cryptocurrency called Link. The company initially gave away a large number of Link tokens (800 million) to users for free through an “airdrop” distribution.[10]

Users could earn these Link tokens by engaging with Line’s content and services. The idea was to incentivize more user activity and create an economy around Link within Line’s ecosystem.

Link can be used to purchase stickers, webtoons (digital comics), and other premium content on Line’s platform. It is listed on Line’s own cryptocurrency exchange called Bitbox.[10]

However, Link has had a rocky start. Line has faced regulatory hurdles in its home country of Japan, where cryptocurrency exchanges require approval to operate. As a result, Japanese users initially received “points” instead of Link tokens, which could be exchanged for the cryptocurrency later.[10]

It’s also unclear how successful the Link cryptocurrency has been in driving user engagement and creating an economy on Line’s platform. But it does represent Line’s attempt to transition to a blockchain-based rewards system.

Tips to Maximize Your Line Coins/Link

While earning free Line Coins is no longer possible, and the adoption of Link remains uncertain, here are some tips to make the most of Line’s virtual currencies:

1. Only Buy What You Need
Since purchasing is the only way to get Line Coins now, be judicious about what you spend them on. Go through the sticker stores and only buy the packs you really want to use frequently.

2. Look for Bonus Campaigns
Line occasionally offers bonus campaigns where you can get bonus Link tokens or Coins when you make a purchase. Watch out for these to maximize your spending.

3. Use Link on Bitbox
If you do earn a sizeable amount of Link tokens, you can trade them on Line’s Bitbox exchange for other cryptocurrencies. This allows you to cash out or reinvest your Link earnings.

4. Engage with Line Content
While the rewards are unclear, using Line’s built-in apps and services like webtoons, games, and timeline posts may help you earn more Link tokens through their incentive system.

Line’s Virtual Currencies Evolve

Line’s approach to virtual currencies and rewards has evolved significantly over the years. What was once a straightforward system of earning free coins has transitioned into a blockchain-based economy with the Link cryptocurrency.

While purchasing Line Coins is now the only option for most users, the long-term adoption and incentives around Link remain to be seen. Regardless, Line’s huge user base ensures there will always be demand for ways to customize the app experience through stickers and premium content purchases.[4][5]

As a Line user, it’s important to stay updated on the latest policies and make smart decisions about when and how to spend your Line Coins or Link tokens. And who knows, maybe Line will reintroduce new ways to earn free virtual currencies in the future.

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