How to Identify Exact iPad Model Number and Hardware Specifications

Identifying the exact model number and hardware specifications of your iPad is important for several reasons. Knowing your iPad’s model allows you to determine its generation, storage capacity, connectivity options, and other key details. It also helps ensure compatibility with cases, accessories, apps, and software updates.

This guide will teach you multiple methods to find your iPad’s model number and use Apple resources to lookup the associated hardware specifications.

Locate iPad Model Number

There are two easy ways to find your iPad’s model number:

1. Check iPad Settings

The quickest way is to locate the model number in your iPad’s Settings app:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap “General”
  3. Tap “About”
  4. View “Model Number”

The model number will be an “A” followed by 4 digits, like A2197.

Tip: Tap the model number itself to reveal the true model number without the slash if you see something like “A1822/A”

2. Check Back of iPad

You can also find the iPad model number printed directly on the back of the device underneath the word “Model”. It follows the same AXXXX format.

If your iPad case covers the back, you will need to remove it to view.

Once you locate the model number, move on to the next step.

Use Model Number to Lookup Specs

Armed with your iPad’s model number, you can now lookup the associated hardware specifications. Apple provides detailed tech specs for every iPad model ever released.

Here are some ways to lookup the specs:

1. Apple Support Site

Apple has a support page listing technical specifications for every iPad model. Simply control + F to search for your model number. This will reveal storage capacity, display size, chip, battery life, and more.

2. Compare iPad Models

Use Apple’s Compare iPad Models page to see how your iPad stacks up against others. Enter your model number and click compare to view key stats side-by-side.

3. Lookup by iPad Name

If you know the general iPad name already, such as “iPad Air 2”, Apple’s support site also organizes specs by iPad (All Models) where you can select your device.


Another great resource is which shows all iPad specs, dates sold, capacity, battery life, and more. Simply control + F to find your iPad.

What Specs Can You Find?

Using the model number lookup, here are some of the key iPad specifications you can identify:

  • Generation: Confirm which generation your iPad model is
  • Release year: Find out release date and age of your iPad
  • Display size: Check your exact screen measurement diagonally
  • Storage capacity: Lookup available storage configurations
  • Chip: Identify processor, CPU speed, and RAM
  • Connectivity: View WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular data options
  • Battery life: Expected hours of usage per charge cycle
  • Cameras: Megapixels, features, and specs
  • Weight and dimensions: Lookup size, thickness, and weight
  • Ports and connectors: Lightning port, USB-C, headphone jack
  • Accessories: Apple Pencil and keyboard compatibility

And much more! iPad specs are incredibly detailed covering every component.


Finding your exact iPad model number is simple using the Settings app or checking the back of your device. With the model number, Apple provides extensive documentation looking up all hardware specifications. Use these resources to identify your iPad’s generation, capacity, chip, battery performance, and other technical details. Knowing your exact iPad model number and hardware configuration is important for troubleshooting, buying the right accessories, and determining software compatibility.