How to Insert Video Clips in CapCut Editor

CapCut is a free and user-friendly video editing app available on mobile (iOS, Android) as well as desktop. It has an intuitive interface and provides powerful editing tools to create high-quality videos.

How to Insert Video Clips

There are a few ways to insert video clips in CapCut:

  • Import video clips: Tap the “+” button and select video clips from your gallery to add them to the project timeline[16]. You can add multiple clips[19].
  • Split clips: Select a clip on the timeline and use the split tool to divide it into multiple parts. You can then insert other clips in between[1].
  • Add overlay: Click the overlay icon and select a video clip to overlay on top of the main video[9][24]. You can add multiple overlays.
  • Insert between transitions: Add a transition between two clips on the timeline, then insert a video clip in the middle of the transition[24].

Other Editing Tips

  • Use templates to quickly create videos[12]
  • Add effects, filters, text, stickers, animations[3][8][21]
  • Adjust speed with smooth slow motion[8]
  • Use chroma key for green screen effects[3]
  • Enable auto face tracking[12]
  • Add background music[3][21]
  • Share directly to social media[3]

With some practice and creativity, CapCut provides all the tools needed to produce engaging videos for social media or other platforms. Let me know if you have any other questions!