How To Log Out and Disconnect Your AnyDesk Remote Session

AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop software that allows you to access and control another computer or device remotely. It has features like file transfer, remote printing, Wake-on-LAN, etc. that make remote troubleshooting or working on a remote computer very convenient.

However, once you are done with your remote session, you would want to properly log out and disconnect so that no one else can access the remote computer through your AnyDesk session. Here are the steps to log out and disconnect AnyDesk properly:

Log Out of the Remote Windows User Account

If you logged into the remote Windows computer with a user account, make sure to log out properly before disconnecting:

  1. Click on the start menu and select the user account to bring up the logout, lock, and sign out options
  2. Select Sign out to log out of the Windows user account on the remote computer
  3. Wait for the remote computer to log out and reach the Windows login screen before disconnecting

Logging out ensures no one else can access the remote computer through that user account after you disconnect.

Close Any Open Programs or Windows

Before disconnecting, close any programs or windows you may have opened on the remote computer:

  • Close all File Explorer windows
  • Close any web browsers or other software
  • Basically undo everything you did on the remote computer

This keeps the remote computer interface clean and avoids any unwanted changes after ending the AnyDesk session.

Disconnect Your AnyDesk Session

To completely disconnect your AnyDesk session:

  1. Click on Disconnect in the AnyDesk session window
  2. Select Yes when prompted to confirm disconnection
  3. The AnyDesk session window will close, indicating the remote session has ended

Alternatively, you can simply close the AnyDesk app or browser tab to disconnect as well.

Lock the Remote Windows Account (Optional)

You can enable the “Lock remote account on session end” option in AnyDesk session settings to automatically lock or log out the remote Windows account when disconnecting:

  1. In the AnyDesk toolbar, click on the gear icon to open session settings
  2. Enable the “Lock remote account on session end” option
  3. Click on Disconnect when done with the remote session
  4. The remote Windows user will be automatically logged out or locked

This adds an extra layer of security by preventing access to the remote account after ending the session.

Clear Login Tokens (Optional)

If you enabled unattended access on the remote computer to connect through AnyDesk, you may want to clear login tokens after disconnecting:

  1. On the remote computer, open AnyDesk settings
  2. Go to Security > Unattended Access
  3. Click on Clear All Tokens to remove access tokens from all remote devices

This will force re-authentication next time you try to connect, preventing access with a saved unattended access password.

And that’s it! By properly logging out, closing programs, disconnecting the session, and clearing login tokens, you can securely end your AnyDesk remote session and prevent further access to the remote computer when done.

Additional Security Tips

Here are some extra security best practices to follow when using AnyDesk:

Use Randomly Generated Passwords

For unattended access, use randomly generated strong passwords instead of common or reused ones. This prevents brute force attacks.

Limit Session Timeouts

In AnyDesk settings, reduce session timeouts to automatically disconnect inactive sessions after 5-10 minutes.

Disable Unattended Access Remotely

If you ever suspect unauthorized access, disable unattended access immediately through the AnyDesk client installed on the remote computer.

Record Sessions

Consider recording all AnyDesk sessions to keep track of all actions performed by both parties. This can act as an audit trail if required.

Use VPN Alongside AnyDesk

For added security, connect through a VPN before initiating an AnyDesk remote session. This encrypts all traffic between networks.

By following these tips and properly disconnecting your session, you can securely use AnyDesk without worrying about unauthorized remote access. Let me know if you have any other questions!