How to Obtain Hashtag Item in Roblox Fashion Famous Game

Roblox Fashion Famous is a popular dress-up game where players compete to create the best outfits based on given themes. Obtaining special items like the Hashtag accessories can give you an edge. Here’s how to get them:

Overview of Fashion Famous

Fashion Famous is inspired by reality TV fashion competitions. Players have a limited time to choose clothing, accessories and more from the in-game catalog to create a look. They then walk the runway and vote on each other’s outfits. The most highly voted look wins the round.

There are both regular items and special items available only through codes. These exclusive items stand out and score more votes.

Why Get Hashtag Items?

The Hashtag items have vibrant colors and fun designs. Equipping them makes your avatar pop on the runway.

They are also relatively rare. Not everyone will have codes to redeem these items. Having them helps you create more unique looks that grab voters’ attention.

Available Hashtag Items

Currently, there are three Hashtag accessories available in Fashion Famous:

  • Hashtag Hat
  • Hashtag Glasses
  • Hashtag Mask

The hat is red with a white hashtag symbol. The glasses have a pixelated blue hashtag across the lenses. The mask covers the lower half of the face with a purple hashtag.

All three items are animated with moving hashtag symbols. This makes them even more eye-catching.

How to Get Hashtag Codes

The Hashtag items can only be obtained by redeeming special promo codes. These codes are released by the Fashion Famous developers for limited-time events.

Here are some ways to get Hashtag codes:

  • Check the game’s social media: New codes are often announced on the Fashion Famous Twitter or Roblox Developer Forum posts.
  • Use code sites: Sites like ProGameGuides list active codes for Fashion Famous.
  • Watch for events: Occasionally the game releases codes alongside IRL events and partnerships.
  • Get notified: Sign up for update notifications in-game or follow fan groups to stay on top of new codes.

Redeeming Your Codes

Once you’ve got a Hashtag item code, redeeming it is simple:

  1. Launch Fashion Famous on Roblox.
  2. Click on the Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter your code in the text box and hit Submit.
  4. The Hashtag item will be added to your inventory!

Equip your new accessory just like any other item while customizing your look.

Tips for Using Hashtag Items

To maximize the impact of your Hashtag accessories:

  • Color coordinate them with your outfit’s theme for a cohesive look.
  • Mix and match them with other animated and vibrant items.
  • Save Hashtag items for rounds with vague themes to stand out.
  • Add Hashtag accessories as a final touch to take an outfit to the next level!

Redeeming codes for rare items like the Hashtag collection is an easy way to get a leg up in Fashion Famous. With these eye-catching accessories, you’re sure to impress voters and rack up those points!

Stay tuned to the latest code releases to keep expanding your inventory.