How to Log Out of Gmail Account on Chromebook

How to Log Out of Gmail on Chromebook - How to Log Out of Gmail Account on Chromebook 3

Using a Chromebook that you share with family, friends, or coworkers? Want to make sure no one can access your Gmail account when you step away from your device? Logging out of your Google account is an easy way to add a layer of privacy and security whenever someone else needs to use your Chromebook.

There are a few different methods you can use to sign out of Gmail on a Chromebook, depending on your preferences:

Method 1: Use the System Tray Menu

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You can sign out using your Chromebook’s system tray menu:

  1. In the bottom right corner, click the up arrow to open your system tray.
  2. Click on the power icon at the bottom of the system tray menu.
  3. Select Sign out.
  4. A confirmation box appears. Click Sign out again to fully sign out of your account.

This signs you out of everything, including Gmail, Chrome, Chrome OS, and all other Google services. It’s the best option if you want to fully sign out of your account on the Chromebook.

Method 2: Log Out via Google Account Settings

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If you don’t have access to your Chromebook, you can still sign out remotely. For remote sign out of all devices:

  1. On another computer, go to
  2. Sign in with your Google account credentials.
  3. Select Security from the left navigation panel.
  4. Under “Your devices”, select Manage devices.
  5. Locate your Chromebook in the list of devices and select Sign out.
  6. Click Sign out again in the confirmation box.

This instantly signs your account out of all services on that specific Chromebook. It’s useful if you forgot to sign out of a public computer or don’t physically have access to your device.

Method 3: Log Out via Gmail

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The quickest way to sign out is directly from the Gmail web interface:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and navigate to
  2. In the top right corner, click on the circular profile icon that shows your profile picture or initials.
  3. A dropdown menu appears. Select Sign out from the available options.
  4. Your account will immediately be signed out of Gmail. The web page will refresh and return to the Gmail login screen.

This logs you out of Gmail itself, but does not sign you out of Chrome or your Chromebook account. It’s useful if you just want to quickly switch Gmail accounts without fully signing out of the device.

Method 4: Remove Your Google Account

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To fully delete your account from the Chromebook:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts.
  2. Under “Your Google Account”, click Remove Account.
  3. Confirm Remove Account.

This will delete your account and all synced Google data from the Chromebook.

And that’s all there is to it! With this guide, you can now securely log out of your important Google account on a Chromebook in just a few clicks. Keep your information safe and maintain privacy, whether you’re using a shared device or want to switch accounts.