How to Magically Remove Photo Backgrounds in Procreate

Removing photo backgrounds in Procreate is easier than you think! With just a few taps and swipes, you can magically erase distracting backgrounds and isolate subjects to use in your projects. Whether you’re a total beginner or a Procreate pro, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Why Remove Photo Backgrounds

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to remove backgrounds from photos in Procreate:

  • Creative Collages – By removing the background, you can layer images together to create artistic collages and composites. The transparent background allows images to blend seamlessly.
  • Clean Product Shots – Eliminating messy backgrounds gives you clean, professional-looking product images ready for mockups or graphic design work.
  • Isolate Subjects – Cutting out a subject like a person or animal from its background lets you work with it independently, change backgrounds, apply effects, and more.
  • Print & Merchandise – Transparent PNG images work great for printing projects like stickers, t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more merchandise applications.

Tools for Removing Backgrounds

Procreate offers two main tools for magically erasing photo backgrounds:

Automatic Selection

This tool detects edges and contrasts to automatically select backgrounds. It works best for photos with clearly defined subjects against high-contrast backgrounds.

How to Use:

  1. Tap the Selection tool (S icon)
  2. Choose Automatic
  3. Tap the background area to remove
  4. Adjust the selection threshold if needed
  5. Tap Invert and then Cut

Freehand Selection

For photos with intricate or detailed backgrounds, the Freehand Selection allows you to manually trace around the subject to remove the background precisely.

How to Use:

  1. Tap the Selection tool
  2. Choose Freehand
  3. Carefully trace around the subject using Apple Pencil or finger
  4. Tap Invert and then Cut to remove background

Pro Tips

Use these pro tips to master background removal in Procreate:

  • Zoom In – Zoom way in for detailed tracing around complicated edges
  • Adjust Threshold – For Automatic Selection, adjust the threshold to fine-tune background detection
  • Use Layers – Copy and paste your cut-out subject to a new layer to keep your original intact
  • Check Edges – Review edges and manually erase any leftover background spots using Eraser tool
  • Save as PNG – Export with transparent background as a PNG file for high-quality results

Alternative Option: Background Eraser Apps

While Procreate works well for basic background removal, there are also specialized background eraser apps that use AI technology to magically erase even the most complex backgrounds with just one click.

Some top options:

  • Background Eraser – Powerful AI-based eraser with handy tools like Object Removal and Photo Restoration
  • Magic Eraser – User-friendly interface and advanced AI for instant professional background removal
  • PhotoRoom – Great for ecommerce product shots with batch editing tools and customizable backgrounds

The advantage of using these specialized apps is they provide advanced AI that can automatically remove intricate backgrounds more accurately than Procreate in many cases. They also include handy tools Procreate lacks like batch processing.

Get Creative!

Now that you know how to easily remove backgrounds from photos, get creative with your Procreate projects! Some ideas:

  • Photo collages
  • Funny photo manipulations
  • Unique stickers, t-shirt designs, phone cases
  • Eye-catching posters, cards, banners
  • Awesome mugs, pillows, and other custom products

With the magical background removal powers of Procreate and specialized eraser apps, your imagination is the only limit to take your work to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What file type should I use to export transparent images from Procreate?

Export your background-removed images from Procreate as PNG files. The PNG format supports transparency so the background will remain transparent when you export it.

Why does my selection have jagged edges?

If your selection has rough, jagged edges around your subject, zoom in and use the Freehand Selection tool to trace more precisely around the edges. Tracing slowly with zoomed detail allows cleaner edge selection.

How can I remove intricate backgrounds accurately?

For photos with extremely complex backgrounds like hair or trees, Procreate’s tools may struggle to select the subject accurately. In those cases, use a specialized background eraser app with advanced AI technology to automatically remove intricate backgrounds magically.

Can I batch edit multiple photos at once?

No, Procreate only allows editing one photo at a time. To batch remove backgrounds from multiple product photos or similar images, use a dedicated background eraser app that supports batch editing like PhotoRoom.

Why is there a color fringe around the edges of my cutout?

A faint color outline or fringe that remains around the edges of your subject is due to color sampling from the original background. Zoom in and use the Eraser tool to carefully erase those leftover color artifacts manually.

Removing distracting photo backgrounds in Procreate is simple with the step-by-step instructions in this guide. With a little practice, you’ll be able to magically cut out subjects from images in just minutes! Then turn those professional cut-outs into awesome designs, prints and more.