How to Make and Build Custom YouTube Video Playlists

YouTube playlists allow you to organize and curate videos into collections that can be easily shared and enjoyed. Building custom playlists tailored to specific topics or interests can be a great way to make YouTube work better for you. Here is a step-by-step guide to making and managing YouTube playlists to suit your needs.

Creating a New Playlist

Creating a playlist is simple. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to YouTube and ensure you are signed into your account
  • Find a video you want to add and click the Save button under the video
  • Select Create new playlist
  • Give your playlist a name and description, choose privacy settings, then click Create

You can also start empty playlists and add videos later. Click your profile icon > Your Channel > Playlists > New Playlist.

Adding Videos to a Playlist

To add videos:

  • Navigate to the video you want to add
  • Click the Save button under the video
  • Select your playlist from the list or create a new one

You can also add videos directly from a playlist. Click the 3 dots next to your playlist name > Add Videos then search or select videos to add.

Reordering Playlist Videos

To reorder videos:

  • Go to your playlist and click Edit next to the playlist name
  • Click and drag videos to rearrange them
  • Click Done when finished

Customizing Playlist Details

To edit playlist details like title, description, thumbnail and more:

  • Go to your playlist and click the Edit button
  • Make changes then click Save when done

Making Playlists Public or Private

You can control who sees your playlists. To change privacy settings:

  • Go to your playlist and click the Edit button
  • Under privacy, choose Public, Unlisted or Private

Public – anyone can view, Unlisted – only accessible with direct link, Private – only you can view.

Deleting a Playlist

To delete a playlist:

  • Go to your Playlists page in your Channel
  • Click the 3 dots next to the playlist name
  • Select Delete

The playlist and all videos in it will be permanently deleted.

Tips for Great Playlists

  • Give playlists descriptive but catchy names
  • Add playlist descriptions explaining the theme
  • Update playlists regularly with new relevant videos
  • Use playlists to tell a story and keep viewers engaged
  • Promote your best playlists on your channel and social media

Creating custom YouTube playlists around topics you love makes it easy to serve viewers with engaging video collections perfectly tailored to their interests!