How to Make and Host Online Servers in Unturned Game

Unturned is a popular survival game developed by Smartly Dressed Games. Playing on online servers with friends or other players is one of the best parts of Unturned. However, hosting your own server allows you to fully customize and control the gameplay experience. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make and host your own Unturned server.

Setting Up the Server

Hosting an Unturned server requires running a dedicated server application on a computer with a public IP address. Here are the basic steps:

  • Get Unturned Server Files: Download the Unturned dedicated server files from Steam. You need the Windows or Linux versions depending on your system.
  • Port Forward: Configure your router to forward ports 27015-27017 to your computer. This allows external connections.
  • Launch the Server: Run the UnturnedServer.exe (Windows) or UnturnedServer (Linux) file. The first launch will configure server settings.
  • Change Settings: Edit Commands.dat and ServerHost.dat to customize your server name, password, mods, maps, etc.

Customizing Your Unturned Server

Once your basic server is up and running, there are many settings you can tweak to create a unique experience:

Gameplay Rules and Mechanics

  • Difficulty – Zombie damage, speed, health, etc.
  • Cycles – Day/night cycle duration.
  • Respawns – Player respawn timer.
  • Crafting – Adjust crafting costs and requirements.
  • Loot – Frequency and quality of loot spawns.

Server Administration

  • Administrators – Add server admins and adjust permission levels.
  • Announcements – Set periodic server messages.
  • Bans – Ban or unban players by SteamID.
  • Whitelist – Restrict connections to approved players.

Maps and Mods

  • Workshop Content – Add Steam Workshop maps, vehicles, items, and mods.
  • Custom Assets – Create or download custom maps, models, and assets.

Managing Your Unturned Server

Running a smooth server requires active management:

  • Automation – Use a hosting panel to automatically update, backup, and restart your server.
  • Monitoring – Watch server health metrics like CPU usage, lag, and player population.
  • Maintenance – Regularly check logs and update mods/plugins.
  • Community – Engage with players on Discord and forums.
  • Security – Use permissions, Valve Anti-Cheat, and mods to prevent hacking and abuse.

Finding Players for Your Server

There are a few ways to get the word out about your new Unturned server:

  • Create a listing on sites like Top Unturned Servers
  • Promote your server on the Unturned forums
  • Make YouTube videos showcasing your server’s features
  • Engage streamers to host events on your server for exposure

The most important thing is to offer a unique and well-managed server. Happy players will continue returning and spread the word organically over time.

Hosting Services for Unturned

Rather than self-hosting on your own computer, you can use a dedicated Unturned hosting provider for more power, uptime, and easier management. Some top options include:

  • PingPerfect – Optimized Unturned hosting with DDoS protection. Easy mod installs.
  • GameServers – Low latency servers worldwide. Supports mods and custom maps.
  • Nitrado – Cloud-based game servers with automated backups.
  • Survival Servers – Specializes in hosting Unturned and other survival games.

The advantage of these services is that they handle all the server management, updates, performance optimization, and technical issues for you on dedicated hardware. Prices start around $10-$15 per month.