How to Make Colorful Banner Patterns in Minecraft


Banners are decorative blocks in Minecraft that can be customized with colors, patterns, and images to display your creativity. With 16 base colors and dozens of exciting patterns to mix and match, you can create unique banner designs to decorate your buildings and mark locations on your maps.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on making colorful banner patterns in Minecraft. As an experienced Minecraft player, I will share tips and examples to help you design beautiful banners for your world.

Gather Materials

To make a banner, you first need to gather these materials:

  • 6 wool of the same color – This determines the base color of your banner. White wool makes a white banner.
  • 1 stick – Needed to craft the banner.
  • Dyes (optional) – Used to recolor the banner or add patterns.

You’ll also need access to a crafting table and a loom. The loom is required for adding patterns to banners.

To make a loom, gather:

  • 2 wooden planks of any type
  • 2 strings

Craft a Banner

Once you have the required materials, follow these steps to craft your first banner:

  1. Open the crafting table
  2. Arrange 6 wool and 1 stick in a banner pattern shape
  • 6 wool across the top row
  • 1 stick in the middle square at the bottom
  1. Move the crafted banner to your inventory

This makes an undecorated banner in the color of wool you used.

Add Patterns with a Loom

To create more intricate, colorful banner patterns, you need to use a loom block.

Follow these steps:

  1. Craft and place down a loom
  2. Interact with the loom to open the interface
  3. Add your banner to the top left slot
  4. Select a dye color and add it to the top right slot
  5. Pick a pattern from the available options
  6. Take out the decorated banner in the output slot

You can repeat steps 3-6 up to 6 times, layering colors and patterns, to create unique designs.

Here are some examples of colorful banner patterns you can make in Minecraft:

Rainbow Banner


  • White banner
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple dye


  1. Start with a white banner
  2. Add horizontal red stripes
  3. Layer orange diagonal stripes in the opposite direction
  4. Add horizontal yellow stripes
  5. Layer light green diagonal stripes
  6. Finish with dark blue borders

This makes a vibrant rainbow banner!

Creeper Banner


  • Green banner
  • Black dye
  • Creeper charge banner pattern


  1. Start with a green banner
  2. Apply a black border using the loom
  3. Add the creeper charge pattern

This creates a banner with a creeper face!

Brick Wall Banner


  • White banner
  • Gray dye
  • Brick block


  1. Start with a white banner
  2. Apply a gray gradient using the loom
  3. Add the brick pattern by combining the banner with a brick in the crafting grid

This makes a banner that looks like a brick wall!

Tips for Designing Banners

  • Layer multiple colors and angles to make vibrant patterns
  • Mix patterns like borders, gradients, and shapes
  • Use banner pattern items to apply special designs
  • Match dyes to wool color for clean designs
  • Start with a plan for the color scheme and patterns
  • Experiment with combinations until you find one you like

Uses for Banners

Customized banners have many great uses in Minecraft:

  • Decorate buildings to show ownership
  • Mark trails and locations on maps
  • Designate separate areas in villages
  • Indicate teams in mini-games
  • Personalize shields and armor

With colorful dye patterns and creative combinations, you can take your structures and maps to the next level with custom designed banners in Minecraft!


From vibrant rainbows to brick walls, the possibilities are endless when making colorful banners in Minecraft. By layering dyes and patterns using the loom interface, you can create completely unique banner designs.

Use this guide to gather materials, craft your first banner, and start experimenting with exciting color combinations. Try recreating the examples or inventing your own stunning banner patterns.

In no time, you’ll have vibrant, creative banners to decorate and customize your entire Minecraft world! Let your imagination run wild.