How to Make Your Phone Vibrate Even on Silent Mode

Putting your phone on silent or vibrate mode is useful when you don’t want to disturb others with loud ringtones and notification sounds. However, you may still want to feel the phone vibrate so you don’t miss important calls or messages. The good news is – you can make your Android or iPhone vibrate even when it’s set to silent mode.

Enable Vibration in Silent Mode on Android

Here are the steps to make your Android phone vibrate while on silent mode:

  • Open Settings on your Android phone.
  • Tap on Sound or Sound & vibration.
  • Look for the option named Vibrate in silent mode, Prevent ringing in silent mode, or something similar. Enable it.

Some phones may not have a direct toggle for this. In that case:

  • Go to Accessibility settings.
  • Tap Vibration & haptic strength.
  • Turn on Vibrate for calls and/or Vibrate for notifications.

You can also install third-party apps like Silent Mode Toggle that add quick toggles for vibration, silent, and ring modes.

Make iPhone Vibrate in Silent Mode

To make your iPhone vibrate when silent mode is enabled:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to Sounds & Haptics.
  • Turn on the toggle for Play Haptics in Silent Mode.

If you don’t see this option, turn on the toggle for Vibrate on Silent instead.

That’s it! Now when you flip the ring/silent switch on the side of your iPhone to silent mode, it will vibrate for calls and notifications.

Pro Tip: You can set custom vibration patterns for different contacts and alerts so you know who is calling or texting without taking the phone out.

Vibrate for Specific Contacts

Both Android and iPhones allow making exceptions for certain contacts to override silent/vibrate and ring anyway:

On Android

  • Go to Contacts and select a contact.
  • Tap Menu > Emergency Bypass > Turn on.

This contact can now call and notify even in silent/vibrate mode.

On iPhone

  • Go to Contacts and select a contact.
  • Tap Edit > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.
  • Tap and hold to create a custom vibration pattern.

You’ll now feel this unique vibration when the contact calls or texts.

Resolve Vibration Issues

If vibration has stopped working on your phone, here are some troubleshooting tips:

On Android

  • Check if vibration works in safe mode. If yes, uninstall recently added apps.
  • Boot into recovery mode and wipe cache partition.
  • Perform a factory reset if nothing else works.

On iPhone

  • Go to Accessibility > Touch and check if vibration is enabled.
  • Hard reset the phone by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down, then Power button.

Use Vibration Apps

Several apps on the Play Store and App Store can help control vibration more granularly:

  • Silent Mode Toggle (Android): Instantly switch between ring, vibrate and silent modes.
  • Do Not Disturb (iOS/Android): Set schedules and allow calls/notifications from selected contacts.
  • Volume Scheduler (Android): Change sound profiles automatically at certain times.
  • Vibrate on Call (Android): Make phone vibrate for incoming calls.

These apps provide more customization options compared to what your phone’s system settings offer.

Customize Vibration Intensity

If your phone’s vibration feels too weak or strong, you can customize its intensity:

On Android

  • Go to Sound & vibration > Vibration intensity.
  • Drag the sliders to adjust vibration intensity for calls, notifications, and touch feedback.

On iPhone

  • Go to Accessibility > Touch > Call Audio Routing.
  • Drag the slider for headphone vibration to adjust vibration strength.

Use Vibration for Accessibility

The vibration feature also makes phones more accessible for those with hearing disabilities.

You can enable vibration for calls, messages, alarms, and other visual alerts. This allows feeling notifications instead of hearing sounds.

Here’s how to maximize vibration for accessibility on mobile devices:

On Android

  • Enable Vibrate for calls and Vibrate on tap options under Accessibility > Vibration & haptic strength.
  • Turn on notification vibration in individual app settings.

On iPhone

  • Go to Accessibility > Audio/Visual > turn on LED Flash for Alerts and Show Notification on Lock Screen.
  • Enable Vibration under the Hearing section for system sounds and alerts.

Vibration Tips and Tricks

  • Prolonged vibration can damage the motor. Use apps sparingly and avoid very high intensities.
  • Place your phone on a solid surface to feel the vibration more strongly.
  • Custom vibrations work even when the phone is in silent mode.
  • Disable vibration at night or when sleeping to avoid disturbance.
  • Turn off Touch vibration if you find keypress feedback too distracting.


With the various settings provided on Android and iOS, making your phone vibrate in silent mode is easy. Take full advantage of the customization options for vibration patterns, intensity, and exceptions for contacts.

Use apps if you need extra features like automatically changing modes at set times. And optimize vibration if you rely on it for accessibility.

I hope these tips help you keep feeling those alerts even when your phone is muted! Let me know if you have any other questions.