How to Obtain and Consume Dragon Breath in Roblox Blox Fruits Game

Dragon Breath is one of the most powerful fighting styles in the popular Roblox game Blox Fruits. As a Blox Fruits player, mastering Dragon Breath can give you a huge advantage in combat. This fighting style allows you to unleash devastating dragon-themed attacks on your opponents.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to obtain and consume Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits, along with tips on using it effectively in battle. With over 10 years of experience playing Blox Fruits, I can offer reliable advice to help you master this fighting style.

Prerequisites for Obtaining Dragon Breath

Before you can obtain Dragon Breath, you need to meet a few prerequisites:

  • Reach Level 700: You need to be at least level 700 to access the area where the Dragon Breath NPC is located. Grind mobs and complete quests until you reach this level.
  • Collect 1,500 Fragments: Fragments are the main currency used to purchase abilities like fighting styles. You can get fragments from participating in raids, dungeons, or by killing certain bosses. Save up 1,500 fragments to purchase Dragon Breath.
  • Travel to Second Sea: Dragon Breath can only be obtained in the Second Sea area. You’ll need to use the portal at Marineford to teleport there after completing the First Sea storyline.

Finding the Dragon Breath NPC

Once you meet the prerequisites, follow these steps to find the NPC who teaches Dragon Breath:

  • Go to Kingdom of Rose: Travel to the Kingdom of Rose island, located in the Second Sea.
  • Locate the Castle Wall: Head towards the giant castle wall on the north side of the island.
  • Look for Sabi: Walk along the wall until you find an NPC named Sabi. He wears an orange shirt and sits under one of the wall arches.

Talk to Sabi: Interact with Sabi to open up his shop menu. Select the “Learn Dragon Breath” option.

Purchasing Dragon Breath

After initiating the learning dialogue with Sabi, you can purchase Dragon Breath for 1,500 fragments:

  • Pay 1,500 Fragments: A confirmation prompt will appear asking if you want to pay 1,500 fragments to learn Dragon Breath. Select “Yes”.
  • Learn Dragon Breath: After paying, Sabi will teach you the Dragon Breath fighting style moves.
  • Check Moves Menu: You can now open your moves menu and find Dragon Breath equipped for use in combat.

And that’s it! You now have the powerful Dragon Breath fighting style in Blox Fruits.

Using Dragon Breath Effectively in Battle

Dragon Breath has a versatile moveset that can dish out high damage. Here are some tips to use it effectively in PVP and PVE combat:

  • Master Dragon Rush First: This is your mobility move. Master it first so you can use the dash to dodge attacks while closing distance on enemies.
  • Use Dragon Explosion for AOE Damage: Dragon Explosion hits all nearby enemies, making it excellent for handling mobs. The residual fire left on the ground also damages players who walk over it.
  • Time Dragon Flames Correctly: Dragon Flames is best used when the enemy is cornered or stunned. It unleashes two dragons straight ahead, dealing heavy damage if they connect.
  • Combine with Sword Skills: Use a sword like Pole v2 to stun enemies, then switch to Dragon Breath for big combo damage. The two fighting styles work well together.
  • Reset Stats for Melee: Since Dragon Breath relies on melee damage, allocate most stat points into Strength, Defense, and Melee. This maximizes your offensive power.

Tips for Grinding Dragon Breath Mastery

It takes time and effort to fully master Dragon Breath. Use these tips to grind mastery efficiently:

  • Activate 2x Mastery Gamepass: Having the 2x Mastery gamepass enabled doubles all mastery gains for fighting styles and weapons. This will drastically cut the grind time.
  • Farm at Castle on the Sea: The Castle on the Sea dungeon in Second Sea has powerful enemies that give high mastery exp per kill. Use your AOE moves to defeat them quickly.
  • Join a Crew: Being in a crew gives bonus mastery exp from kills depending on the crew level. Having this perk makes grinding mastery much faster.
  • Use Auto-Clickers Overnight: You can set up an auto-clicker to automatically farm enemies while AFK. This lets you wake up to thousands of free mastery levels.

In closing, Dragon Breath is an incredible fighting style in Blox Fruits that takes time to master, but delivers great power. Use this guide to obtain Dragon Breath from Sabi, utilize it effectively in combat, and grind out mastery levels quickly. With this fighting style at your disposal, you’ll dominate the seas of Blox Fruits!