How to Obtain and Upgrade Holy Stars Gear in Lords Mobile Game

As an experienced Lords Mobile player with over 2 years of gameplay, I’ve mastered the equipment system and want to share some tips on how to get the powerful Holy Stars gear sets and upgrade them. This gear can greatly boost your heroes’ attributes and help you progress faster in the game.

Obtaining Holy Stars Gear Pieces

There are a few ways to get Holy Stars gear pieces:

  • Treasure Trove Events – These special events allow you to open chests using gems which contain Holy Stars material choice boxes. It’s the most reliable way to get Holy Stars gear.
  • Tycoon Packs – Special packs sold in the Tycoon shop contain Holy Stars material choice boxes and gear pieces. They are expensive but guarantee good drops.
  • Guild Gifts – Higher level guild gifts contain Holy Stars material which you can use to craft gear pieces. Make sure to max out gift level each day.
  • Labyrinth Treasure – Defeating the Minotaur boss in Labyrinth mode has a small chance to drop Holy Stars materials and gear pieces.
  • Colosseum Shop – The PVP shop contains Holy Stars material for gold. Check back often to purchase when available.

Once you obtain Holy Stars material choice boxes, open them to receive random Holy Stars gear pieces. Getting full sets takes patience and persistence.

Crafting Gear Pieces

With enough Holy Stars material collected, visit the Altar to craft specific missing gear pieces. Pay attention to the set bonuses listed to optimize your gear.

I recommend crafting accessories first as they are cheaper, allowing you to finish sets faster. Save heads and bodies for last.

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading Holy Stars gear requires Holy Stars souls and stars.

To get Holy Stars souls:

  • Defeat level 4+ monsters
  • Clear stages in Bounty quests
  • Purchase packs during spending events

To get Holy Stars stars:

  • Clear stages in Treasure Trove events
  • Purchase special packs

With enough souls and stars, select your gear pieces and tap “Holy Stars” then “Upgrade”. Choose which pieces to upgrade and enhance them to the desired star level.

Higher star gear has significantly better stats. Aim to upgrade your full gear sets to at least purple or gold quality before equipping them to heroes.

Gear Set Recommendations

Some of the best Holy Stars sets include:

  • Champion – Boosts HP and attack
  • Trickster – Increases dodge and speed
  • Warden – Improves defense and damage reduction

Check which sets match your hero roles. Pair DPS heroes with Champion, tanks with Warden, and cavalry/ranged with Trickster for maximum effectiveness.

Mixing partial sets can also work well depending on your needs. Experiment to find the right combinations.

Final Tips

With these tips, you’ll be getting and upgrading impressive Holy Stars equipment in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Some final advice:

  • Be patient, getting full gold gear sets takes time
  • Only work on 1-2 gear sets at a time
  • Prioritize gear for your battle hall and wall/turf heroes first
  • Save your gems for spending events to maximize value