How to Obtain and Use Omni-Directional Mobility Gear in Fortnite

  • ODM Gear can be found in special Scout Regiment Footlockers scattered across the Fortnite map. These chests have a chance to spawn ODM Gear.
  • ODM Gear can also rarely spawn as floor loot or in regular chests across the map.
  • The best places to find ODM Gear seem to be around Anvil Square and Tilted Towers. A specific location called “Jaeger’s Family Basement” in Anvil Square has been reported to contain a Scout Regiment Footlocker that often spawns ODM Gear.

How to Use ODM Gear

  • Equip the ODM Gear like a weapon. You’ll see “Grapple” prompts on the left side of the screen.
  • Aim at a surface and press the Grapple button. A circle will appear showing your grapple range. Press Grapple again while aiming at a valid surface to launch and swing.
  • You can attack enemies with the built-in blades by striking them while swinging or launching into them from above.
  • Use the mobility of ODM Gear to quickly move around the map and get the jump on enemies.

So in summary, look for Scout Regiment Chests, equip the ODM Gear, grapple and swing around to move quickly, and use the blades to attack. It takes practice but can be extremely powerful. Let me know if you have any other questions!