How to Obtain Sharingan Bloodline in Shindo Life Game

Sharingan is one of the most popular and sought-after bloodlines in the Roblox game Shindo Life. As a powerful dōjutsu or eye technique, Sharingan grants incredible abilities like precognition, copying opponent’s jutsu, and casting powerful genjutsu illusions. Many players aspire to unlock Sharingan in order to access these powerful techniques. Here is a detailed guide on how to obtain the Sharingan bloodline in Shindo Life.

What is Sharingan Bloodline

The Sharingan is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai or bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan in the Naruto universe. Sharingan users gain access to incredible visual powers and Uchiha clan ninjutsu techniques. Abilities granted by Sharingan include:

  • Precognition to see and predict opponent’s movements
  • Ability to copy almost any jutsu or technique
  • Powerful genjutsu illusions to immobilize enemies
  • Enhanced perception, focus, and reaction time in battle
  • Evolve into Mangekyo Sharingan for access to even greater powers

In Shindo Life, unlocking a Sharingan bloodline allows you to use these iconic Uchiha abilities during battle. It is one of the most versatile and powerful bloodlines available.

How to Unlock Sharingan Bloodline

There are a few methods to obtain the Sharingan doujutsu in Shindo Life:

1. Spin for Sharingan Bloodline

The primary way to unlock Sharingan is to spin for an Uchiha eye bloodline that grants the Sharingan. Here are the available Sharingan bloodlines:

  • Akuma
  • Bankai Akuma
  • Shiver Akuma
  • Raion Akuma
  • Satori Akuma
  • Riser Akuma
  • Shindai Akuma
  • Sarachia Akuma
  • Sarachia Gold
  • Bankai Inferno
  • Indra Akuma
  • Indra Akuma Purple

To spin, go to the Edit menu and select Bloodlines. Spend spins to randomly obtain one of the available bloodlines. The Sharingan bloodlines are rare (1/80 chance), so it may take many spins to unlock one.

2. Purchase with RELL Coins

Some Sharingan bloodlines like Raion Akuma may occasionally be purchasable directly with RELL Coins in the RELL Coin Shop. Check regularly to see if any are available. This allows you to unlock the bloodline without relying on spin luck.

3. Obtain from Dungeons or Events

Limited-time dungeons and events may offer Sharingan bloodlines as progression rewards. For example, the Sengoku bloodline is obtainable as a reward for completing the Narumaki Bridge dungeon. Check events and dungeons to see if Sharingan bloodlines are available.

Activating and Upgrading Sharingan

Once you unlock a Sharingan bloodline, you need to activate it to gain access to Sharingan abilities:

  • Equip the bloodline in your menu
  • In battle, hold C and press the number key for the mode stage to activate Sharingan
  • Most bloodlines activate Sharingan at mode stage 1, some at stage 2
  • Meet the mode’s level requirement to be able to activate it

As you level up the bloodline, you can access upgraded stages of Sharingan with greater powers:

  • Higher perception, reaction speed, and genjutsu strength
  • New abilities like Susanoo spirit warrior
  • At max level, evolve into Mangekyo Sharingan by witnessing a tragic event

So spin or purchase for your preferred Sharingan bloodline, equip it, activate your Sharingan mode in battle, and level it up to access the full power of your Uchiha eyes!

Sharingan Bloodline Overview

Here is a brief overview of some notable Sharingan bloodlines and their traits:


  • Balanced offense and defense
  • Mid-range fire and illusion attacks
  • Susanoo spirit warrior defense

Shindai Akuma

  • High damage fire techniques
  • Counterattack abilities
  • Powerful mid-range offense

Sarachia Gold

  • Lightning-based techniques
  • High mobility and evasion
  • Strong stunning attacks

Indra Akuma

  • Long-range fire attacks
  • High damage potential
  • Low defense vulnerability

Try out different Sharingan bloodlines to find one that best matches your battle style. Level it up to unlock the incredible visual powers of the Uchiha!

Tips for Unlocking Sharingan

Here are some tips to help unlock a Sharingan bloodline faster:

  • Use spin codes from Twitter to get free spins
  • Equip a luck gamepass accessory to improve rare bloodline odds
  • Buy spins with RELL Coins to speed up the spinning process
  • Check the RELL Coin shop for Sharingan bloodlines in stock
  • Farm dungeons that offer Sharingan bloodlines as rewards
  • Trade other bloodlines to players for Sharingan bloodlines

With enough spins and luck, you’ll soon awaken your Uchiha powers!


The Sharingan’s incredible doujutsu abilities make it one of the most coveted bloodlines in Shindo Life. By spinning for a Sharingan bloodline, purchasing it directly, or obtaining it from a dungeon/event, you can unlock the incredible ocular powers of the Uchiha clan. Activate your Mangekyo Sharingan to gain access to the pinnacle of Uchiha techniques. Wield the abilities of precognition, genjutsu illusions, and copying opponents’ moves to dominate the battlefield!