How to Permanently Delete Your Netflix Streaming Account

Key Takeaways:

  • Canceling your Netflix subscription doesn’t immediately delete your account data
  • You can request Netflix to delete your account data right after canceling
  • Certain information like viewing history is retained for 10 months after cancellation

As a streaming expert who has used Netflix for over a decade, I’ve gone through the process of canceling and deleting my Netflix account multiple times. Whether you’re taking a break from binge-watching or switching to a different streaming service, it’s important to know how to properly delete your Netflix account and what happens to your data.

Canceling vs Deleting Your Netflix Account

The first thing to understand is that canceling your Netflix subscription does not automatically delete your account data. When you cancel, your account goes into a “hibernation mode” for 10 months. During this period, you can still restart your membership without losing your profiles, viewing history, recommendations, and other settings[1][13].

However, if you want Netflix to delete your account data sooner than the 10-month period, you need to take an additional step and specifically request account deletion. This is useful if you want your information removed from Netflix’s databases for privacy reasons or to free up the email address to use on a new account[1][9].

How to Request Netflix Account Deletion

There are a few ways to request permanent deletion of your Netflix account immediately after canceling your membership:

  1. Through the Netflix app: Open the app, go to your account settings, and look for the “Delete Account” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify and confirm[15].
  2. By email: Send an email to [email protected] from the email address associated with your account. State that you want your account deleted. Specify if you want it deleted immediately or after your current billing period ends[1][9][12].
  3. Through customer support chat: Go to the Netflix Help Center in a web browser and start a live chat with customer support. Inform them that you want to delete your account and they will guide you through the process[5][9].

Once you’ve completed the deletion request, Netflix will send you a confirmation email and your account, profile, and personal information will no longer be accessible[5][15].

What Data Does Netflix Delete?

According to Netflix’s data retention practices, the following information is deleted when you request account deletion[1][18]:

  • Your profiles, viewing activity, ratings, and recommendations
  • Your viewing restrictions and parental control settings
  • Your payment and billing details
  • Your DVD rental history and queue (if applicable)
  • Your reviews and ratings of Netflix content
  • Your account email and password
  • Your Netflix game saves and game handle

However, Netflix does retain certain information for a period of time for legal, accounting and security reasons[1][6][14]:

  • Viewing activity and account data are kept for 10 months in case you restart your account
  • Device identifiers and IP addresses used to stream Netflix
  • Encrypted payment information (but this cannot be used to charge you)

So while most of your personal data does get purged upon request, some anonymous information linking you to the account may persist in Netflix’s systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete my Netflix account without canceling membership?

No, you must cancel your Netflix subscription first before you can request account deletion. Deleting your account does not automatically cancel your membership[5][13].

Will I be charged if I delete my account?

If you cancel and delete your account before your current billing period is over, you will not be charged again. But you may not receive a refund for the remaining days in your billing period[6][13].

Can I recover a deleted Netflix account?

No, once you delete your Netflix account, it cannot be recovered. You would need to create a new account to use Netflix again[1][9]. Your viewing history and preferences from the deleted account cannot be transferred.

How long does Netflix keep my data after I delete my account?

Netflix retains viewing activity and account data for 10 months after you cancel in case you change your mind and want to restart your account retaining your history and preferences. Certain non-personal identifiers may be kept longer[1][2][4].


In summary, if you want to permanently cut ties with Netflix, you should cancel your subscription and then immediately request account deletion through the app, email or customer support chat. This will ensure your profiles and viewing history are erased within a reasonable timeframe.

However, keep in mind that some encrypted information may still be retained by Netflix even after deletion for legal obligations and security purposes. But your account will be inaccessible and your main personal data will no longer be stored.

Hopefully this guide has helped clarify the difference between canceling a subscription and deleting an account, and provided clear steps on how to remove your Netflix data if you so choose. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions!