How to Play Solo Against Full Squads in Apex Legends Battle Royale

Playing solo against full squads in Apex Legends can be very challenging, but also extremely rewarding if you can pull off the win. Here are some tips and strategies to help you take on whole squads by yourself and come out on top more often.

Choose the Right Legend

When going solo, choose a legend that supports an independent playstyle. Good options include:

  • Wraith: Her ability to briefly become invincible allows you to reposition and heal. Her portal also enables quick escapes.
  • Pathfinder: His grapple gives you great mobility to take height and evade enemies. The zipline helps you access unexpected angles.
  • Bangalore: Her smoke launcher lets you break line of sight. The speed boost from her ultimate helps you escape sticky situations.

Drop Strategically

Since you don’t have teammates watching your back, avoid hot drops where many squads land. Prioritize a safe drop location on the edge of the map where you can gear up before engaging.

Once looted up, use survey beacons and the tridents around the map to quickly traverse and find isolated targets. Catching rotating squads by surprise is easier than taking on a fortified position head on.

Use Cover Intelligently

Never take fair gunfights out in the open. Always use cover to block damage and limit enemies’ line of sight on you. Move deliberately between cover to reduce exposure.

When using cover, pop out at unexpected angles to catch opponents off guard. This makes you much harder to track and hit.

Keep Your Distance

Maintaining distance gives you room to maneuver and reduces the likelihood of getting overwhelmed at close range. Use mid to long range weapons like the 30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout, and Triple Take. Carry at least one automatic weapon as well for when enemies push your position.

Exploit Team Dynamics

Full squads often move as a tight unit. But gaps sometimes emerge in their formation where you can isolate and ambush a straggler. Eliminating them quickly shifts the number advantage in your favor before their teammates can respond.

Know When to Disengage

Just because you started a fight doesn’t mean you have to commit to it. If you crack someone but then get focused by their whole squad, use escape abilities and mobility tools to reposition and reset. You dictate the terms of engagement as a solo – don’t let yourself get pinned.

Heal Frequently

Since you don’t have teammates to cover you, take every opportunity during a lull to top off your shields and health. Never engage without being at or near max health. It gives you a buffer to escape if overwhelmed.

Play the Circle

Always be aware of the ring location and move early towards the next safe area. You don’t want to get caught outside the ring or get sandwiched between the circle boundary and an enemy squad. Use Valkyrie or tridents to rotate quickly if needed.

Third Party Intelligently

Pay close attention to the kill feed and sounds of nearby gunfire. Third partying fights is extremely effective as a solo player, but you must approach carefully via an unexpected angle. Clean up low health enemies first but be ready to retreat.

Change Positions Frequently

After firing some shots or getting a knock, quickly reposition before the squad pinpoints your location. Keep them guessing and on edge, never allowing them to get comfortable or set up crossfires on you.

Master Movement

Precise movement is critical when outnumbered. Strafe unpredictably while firing. Crouch spam to throw off opponents’ aim. Use slides, wall bounces, and bunny hops to evade. Mastering advanced movement makes hitting you much more difficult.

Play Ranked Over Pubs

When solo queueing, playing ranked over the normal playlists generally gives you better quality teammates. Players in ranked take the games more seriously and are less likely to abandon you. The competition is also generally more organized.

With some practice, strong fundamentals, and smart decision making, you can absolutely destroy whole squads alone. Remain calculated in your aggression and constantly force 1v1 situations. Outsmart your opponents by using every ability and tool available to you. Over time, clutch solo squad wipes will become second nature. Just stay confident in your gunskill and keep your composure when under fire.