How to Quickly Unlock the Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits

As an experienced Blox Fruits player with over 500 hours invested, I’m excited to provide this definitive guide on obtaining the powerful Soul Guitar. This mythical weapon is not easy to get, but it’s incredibly rewarding if you manage to unlock it.


The Soul Guitar is a musical weapon that harnesses the power of souls to unleash devastating attacks. It is one of the strongest guns in Blox Fruits and a must-have for PvP combat.

Here’s what you need to know about getting the Soul Guitar:

  • Level Requirement: You must be at least level 2300
  • Puzzle: You have to complete a tricky puzzle that only appears during the full moon
  • Materials: Gather 500 Bones, 250 Ectoplasm, 1 Dark Fragment, and 5000 Fragments

It will take time and dedication, but the payoff is massive. This guitar can demolish foes in seconds with its explosive musical notes!

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to unlock the Soul Guitar as fast as possible:

1. Reach Level 2300

You cannot even attempt the Soul Guitar puzzle until your character is at least level 2300. Make sure you grind enough to hit this requirement first.

Tips for leveling quickly:

  • Use XP boosts from the Blox Fruits shop
  • Farm bosses and dungeons in the Third Sea
  • Play with friends for the party XP bonus

Getting to 2300 will take a while, so be patient and persistent.

2. Obtain the Secret Message

Once you’re level 2300, head to the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea. You need to receive a special secret message in your chat log to trigger the Soul Guitar quest.

The message says:

“The light of a full moon peaks through the clouds”

This is completely random, so you’ll have to wait in the Haunted Castle until it pops up. It may take hours, but don’t give up!

3. Start the Puzzle During Full Moon

After getting the message, you can begin the Soul Guitar puzzle when the next full moon occurs.

Make your way to the Graveyard section of the Haunted Castle at night. Pray at one of the gravestones and the puzzle will initiate.

The puzzle has 5 steps:

  1. Defeat all zombies on the red floor
  2. Rearrange directional signs
  3. Talk to a ghost NPC
  4. Match pipe colors in the basement
  5. Rotate statues based on trophy orientations

This is tricky and requires patience. Use guides if you get stuck!

4. Gather Materials for the Guitar

While working on the puzzle during the full moon, also gather these for the Soul Guitar:

  • 500 Bones
  • 250 Ectoplasm
  • 1 Dark Fragment
  • 5,000 Fragments

These drop from specific bosses/enemies, so defeat them as you progress.

5. Craft the Guitar

After finishing the puzzle, approach the Weird Machine in the Haunted Castle basement. Provide the items above to craft your very own Soul Guitar!

How to Use Effectively

The Soul Guitar has 3 powerful attacks:

Undead Notes: Shoots explosive musical notes

El Diablo: Summons a giant skull for AoE damage + healing

Soul Shaker: Fires a soul beam that stuns enemies

  • Use Undead Notes for rapid damage
  • Time El Diablo when surrounded or low HP
  • Charge Soul Shaker to break blocking/dodging foes

Master these attacks to demolish opponents with your new mythical weapon!

Closing Thoughts

Obtaining the Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits is challenging but very fulfilling. The musical weapon provides insane damage, utility, and even healing for advanced combat.

Just remember – level up high enough, complete the full moon puzzle, farm all materials, and craft at the Weird Machine.

Patience and hard work pays off. The Soul Guitar is an absolute beast and a must-have for aspiring PvP pros. Feel free to ask me any other questions!