How to Record Your Chromebook Screen

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular for personal and business use thanks to their affordability, portability, and seamless integration with Google services. One useful feature on Chromebooks is the ability to record your screen. Whether you want to create tutorial videos, record meetings, or capture gameplay footage, screen recording on a Chromebook is easy with the built-in tools or third-party extensions.

Using the Built-In Screen Recorder

Chrome OS 89 and newer versions come with a built-in screen recorder that lets you capture screenshots and videos of your screen. Here’s how to use it:

Access the Screen Recorder

  1. Click the time icon in the bottom-right corner to open Quick Settings
  2. Click the “Screen Capture” button
  3. The screen recorder toolbar will appear at the bottom

Choose What to Record

  • Full Screen: Record everything on your display
  • Partial Screen: Select an area to record
  • Window: Record a specific app or browser window

Configure Settings

  1. Click the gear icon to open settings
  2. Enable microphone audio if desired
  3. Select a folder to save recordings

Start Recording

Click anywhere on the screen to begin recording. A red timer will display indicating recording is in progress.

Finish Recording

Click the “Stop” button in the bottom-right corner when finished. The video will save to your selected folder as a WEBM file.

Using Chrome Extensions

While handy, the built-in recorder lacks advanced features. Third-party extensions like Screencastify and Loom provide more customization:

  • Unlimited recording lengths
  • Ability to record camera footage
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Easy sharing options

Most recording extensions work similarly. Simply install, grant permissions, customize settings, and click a button to start recording. Popular picks like Screencastify offer free and paid plans depending on your needs.

Recording Tips

Follow these tips for high-quality Chromebook screen recordings:

  • Close unnecessary apps and browser tabs
  • Position camera off to the side if including webcam footage
  • Speak clearly when narrating and reduce background noise
  • Set display to highest resolution in Chrome OS settings
  • Use an external microphone for best audio quality

Editing & Sharing Recordings

Chrome OS lacks advanced editing tools. Use free web apps like Clipchamp or Kapwing to trim, crop, add effects, insert images/video, and more.

When ready to share, upload videos to Google Drive or YouTube. Recording extensions may also have built-in sharing options. You can share links or embed videos for easy viewing.


Recording your Chromebook screen is simple with the default tools or extensions. Enable microphone audio, customize the recording area, and use online editors to create polished, shareable videos with ease. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to produce screen recordings that effectively communicate your message.