How to Reset and Restart Story Progress in Diablo 4 Action RPG Game

Diablo 4 is the latest installment in the iconic Diablo action RPG franchise. With its dark gothic setting, visceral combat, and endless loot grind, it offers hundreds of hours of demon-slaying action. However, some players may wish to replay the story campaign or certain acts. Here is a guide on resetting and restarting story progress in Diablo 4.

Replaying the Campaign

To replay the story campaign from the beginning, you will need to create a new character. When making a new hero, you will be given the option to skip the campaign or play through it again. Select the campaign option if you wish to replay the story.

The campaign is divided into six main acts, with each act comprised of several quests. By replaying with a new character, you can experience the story again and collect missed lore documents and other collectibles.

Pros of replaying the campaign:

  • Experience the story again
  • Find missed collectibles/lore
  • Nostalgia and enjoyment
  • Easier early game gearing

Cons of replaying:

  • Time commitment
  • Have to regrind paragon levels
  • Lose existing character progress

Skipping Ahead in the Campaign

If you wish to replay only certain acts or quests, you can use the Skip Campaign option when creating a new hero to jump ahead.

Once in game, open the map screen and click the campaign quest tracker. Here you can see all acts and quests. Click on a quest to set as active, then begin the quest to load into that point.

This allows you to skip ahead to replay specific quests and boss fights you enjoyed without slogging through the entire story again.

Pros of skipping ahead:

  • Quickly access favorite quests
  • Replay fun boss fights
  • Less time commitment


  • Might miss story context
  • Won’t get early gearing benefits
  • Still lose existing progress

Reset Quest Status

If you want to replay a specific quest on your existing character, you can reset that quest’s status. Open the campaign quest tracker from the map screen. Find the quest you wish to reset and click the circular arrow icon next to it. This will reset the quest so you can replay it as if undertaking it for the first time.

Note: Main story quests can only be reset ONCE per difficulty mode.

Pros of resetting quest status:

  • Replay quests on existing character
  • Keep all your gear and levels
  • Experience favorite parts again


  • Each quest can only be reset once per difficulty
  • Might break story continuity/context

Starting New Game Plus

After completing the story campaign once, you will unlock New Game Plus. This mode lets you play through the campaign again on a higher Torment difficulty with your existing end-game character.

New Game Plus beefs up enemies but also increases loot quality and quantity. It essentially serves as an enhanced “Victory Lap” playthrough for your powerful hero.

Note that all quest statuses will be reset when activating New Game Plus, allowing you to undertake the entire campaign again as if for the first time.


  • Whole campaign with beefed up difficulty
  • Much better loot
  • Full replay with existing character


  • One-time deal per character
  • Very challenging at higher Torments
  • Quests can’t be further reset

Season Resets

Every few months, a new Diablo 4 season starts. Seasons introduce new quality-of-life updates, balance changes, events, and themes. They also provide a fresh start where all players begin from zero with a new seasonal character.

Season resets essentially serve as a way for the entire player base to restart together and partake in the new seasonal content. This serves almost as an enforced New Game Plus with a clean slate for everyone.


  • Brand new start every few months
  • New content and systems
  • Compete on seasonal leaderboards


  • Lose all existing character progress
  • Have to regrind gear
  • Time-limited content


Whether you wish to replay a favorite quest, relive the entire story again, or take part in the seasonal reset, Diablo 4 offers options to restart and reset story progress. Just be warned that some options will erase your current advancement. So consider what you wish to achieve before taking the plunge.

Now steel your heart, ready your weapon, and dive back into the shadows of Sanctuary however you see fit! Adventure awaits!