How to Restore Messenger Back to Default Theme and Style

How to Restore Messenger Back to Default Theme and Style - How to Restore Messenger Back to Default Theme and Style 3
  • Easily revert Messenger to its original look with a few simple steps
  • Customize individual chat themes or reset all chats to default
  • Regain a clean, distraction-free messaging experience

Messenger’s theme customization options are fun, but sometimes you just want to go back to the classic, default look. Whether you want to reset an individual chat or restore the entire app to its original style, this guide will show you how.

The Importance of a Clean Messaging Interface

While colorful chat bubbles and background patterns can be entertaining at first, they can quickly become overwhelming and distracting. A cluttered messaging interface makes it harder to focus on your conversations and can even strain your eyes over time.

Reverting to Messenger’s default theme provides a clean, minimalist look that’s easy on the eyes and allows you to concentrate on what’s important – your messages. The default blue and white color scheme is not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to reduce visual fatigue during extended messaging sessions.

Restoring an Individual Chat to Default

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If you’ve customized the theme for a specific chat and want to revert it to the classic Messenger style, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the chat you want to restore to default.
  2. Tap the info icon (looks like an “i” in a circle) in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Theme” from the options.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the theme options.
  5. Choose the first option, which should be a solid blue color for the chat bubbles and a white background.

That’s it! The chat will now display in Messenger’s default blue and white theme.

Resetting All Chats to Default

If you’d like to restore the entire Messenger app to its original look, you’ll need to reset each individual chat to the default theme. Unfortunately, there’s no global “reset” option, but the process is still relatively straightforward:

  1. Open Messenger and navigate to your list of recent chats.
  2. Open each chat one by one.
  3. Tap the info icon and select “Theme.”
  4. Choose the first option (solid blue chat bubbles on a white background).
  5. Repeat for all chats until they’ve all been reset to the default theme.

While this process may seem tedious if you have a lot of active chats, it’s a small price to pay for regaining a clean, distraction-free messaging experience.

Keeping Your Messaging Experience Fresh

Reverting to the default theme doesn’t mean you can never customize your chats again. Feel free to experiment with different color schemes and patterns whenever you need a change of scenery. Just remember that you can always come back to the classic Messenger look by following the steps outlined above.

Additionally, consider setting a reminder to periodically reset your chats to the default theme. This can help prevent visual fatigue and ensure your messaging experience remains fresh and focused.


Q: Why would I want to restore Messenger to the default theme?

A: Restoring the default theme can provide a cleaner, more minimalist messaging experience that’s easier on the eyes and less distracting. It’s especially helpful if you’ve been using custom themes for a while and want to regain a sense of focus and clarity in your conversations.

Q: Can I reset all my chats to the default theme at once?

A: Unfortunately, no. Messenger doesn’t have a global “reset” option, so you’ll need to restore each individual chat to the default theme manually.

Q: Will restoring the default theme delete my chat history or messages?

A: No, restoring the default theme will only change the visual appearance of your chats. Your chat history, messages, and media will remain intact.

Q: Can I customize the default theme colors?

A: No, the default theme is a set color scheme (blue chat bubbles on a white background). You can’t customize the specific colors of the default theme, but you can choose from a variety of other color options and patterns under the “Theme” settings.

Q: Will restoring the default theme affect my notification settings or other app preferences?

A: No, restoring the default theme will only change the visual appearance of your chats. It won’t affect any other app settings or preferences you’ve customized, such as notification sounds, data usage settings, or privacy options.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily restore Messenger to its clean, distraction-free default look whenever you need a break from custom themes. A minimalist messaging interface can help you stay focused on your conversations and reduce visual fatigue, ensuring a more enjoyable and productive messaging experience.