How to Restrict and Limit YouTube App Access on Kindle Fire Tablets

As a parent, you may want to limit or restrict your child’s access to YouTube on their Kindle Fire tablet. YouTube can have lots of age-inappropriate content, and it can also be very addictive and lead to excessive screen time. Here are some effective ways to restrict YouTube access on Kindle Fire tablets.

Use Parental Controls

The easiest way is to use the built-in parental controls on the Kindle Fire. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Parental Controls
  2. Turn on parental controls and set a password
  3. Tap on “Apps & Games”
  4. Find YouTube in the list of apps and tap on it
  5. Select “Block” to block access to the YouTube app

You can also block access to the Silk browser to prevent kids from accessing YouTube from the web browser. This will completely restrict access to YouTube.

Use Third-Party Parental Control Apps

If you find the built-in parental controls limiting, you can try third-party parental control apps like Kids Place, Qustodio, Norton Family Premier etc. These give you more options to restrict apps and set time limits.

For example, with Kids Place you can:

  • Block any app including YouTube
  • Set daily time limits for tablet use
  • Configure multiple child profiles with different restrictions
  • Get time usage reports showing what apps were used

The advantage of using a dedicated parental control app is you get more features tailored specifically for restricting and monitoring child device usage.

Create Restricted Profiles

The Kindle Fire allows you to create separate user profiles, including restricted profiles for kids. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > Add Profile
  2. Choose “Add Restricted Profile”
  3. Give it a name like “Kid’s Profile”
  4. Tap on “Apps & Games” under Parental Controls
  5. Find YouTube in the list of apps and block it

Now when your kid uses their restricted profile, they won’t have access to YouTube. You can also block the Silk Browser app and limit access to only pre-approved apps.

Use Router-Level Controls

You can block YouTube network-wide by setting restrictions on your Wi-Fi router. This will block the YouTube app and website on all devices connected to the network.

Look for parental control or access control options in your router settings. You can typically add site filters to block domains like and restrict device internet access.

This gives you full control without having to configure each device individually.

Monitor Usage with Screen Time Trackers

Rather than completely blocking YouTube, you may want to monitor usage and set reasonable limits. Screen time tracking apps like KidsGuard show you how much time is spent on YouTube and gives reports with usage history.

You can then have informed conversations with your kids if you notice excessive YouTube viewing. It promotes self-regulation rather than outright bans.

Use YouTube Kids Instead

The YouTube Kids app provides a more restricted YouTube experience tailored for children. It filters out most age-inappropriate content and gives you parental control options.

To get YouTube Kids on a Kindle Fire tablet:

  1. Install the Google Play Store
  2. Open Google Play Store and search for “YouTube Kids”
  3. Download and install the YouTube Kids app

While not perfect, it provides an additional layer of protection beyond the main YouTube app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you delete the YouTube app on Kindle Fire?

No, the main YouTube app cannot be deleted from Kindle Fire tablets. But you can disable it using the methods outlined above.

Does restricting profiles block YouTube?

Yes, you can specifically block the YouTube app when setting up restricted profiles on the Kindle Fire. This selectively blocks YouTube while allowing access to other apps.

Can YouTube be completely blocked on network level?

By setting up access restrictions on your Wi-Fi router, you can completely block the entire domain. This prevents access to YouTube from all connected devices.

What’s the best free parental control app for Kindle Fire?

Kids Place is an excellent free parental control app with options to block apps, monitor usage, and set time limits across multiple child profiles.

In Conclusion

Limiting YouTube on Kindle Fire tablets prevents kids from accessing inappropriate content and falling into endless YouTube holes. The built-in parental controls provide a quick way to disable YouTube. For more advanced restrictions, third-party apps and router-level blocking give finer control. Monitoring usage instead of outright bans also teaches self-regulation. Use combinations of these approaches to strike the right balance for your family.