How to Send and Display Recipes on Your Amazon Echo Show Device

The Amazon Echo Show is a great device for displaying visual information like recipes in your kitchen. With the screen, you can easily view recipe instructions and ingredients hands-free while you cook. There are a few different ways to get recipe cards to display on your Echo Show.

Send Recipes from the Alexa App

One of the easiest ways to view recipes on your Echo Show is to send them directly from the Alexa app on your phone. Here’s how:

  • Open the Alexa app and go to the “Communicate” section
  • Tap “Send Recipe” and search for the recipe you want to send
  • Select the recipe and choose your Echo Show device to send it to
  • The recipe card with ingredients, instructions, cook time etc. will now display on your Show

You can send recipes from popular sites like Allrecipes, FoodNetwork and more this way. It’s a handy feature for quickly pulling up recipes to reference while cooking.

Use Skills for Recipes

There are various recipe skills you can enable for Alexa that provide rich recipe cards full of details:

  • Allrecipes: One of the best skills for recipes. Just ask “Alexa, ask Allrecipes for lasagna recipes” to get recipe suggestions.
  • BigOven: BigOven has a huge database of recipes to choose from. Use it by saying “Alexa, ask BigOven for cookie recipes.”
  • Food Network: Get recipes featured on Food Network shows by saying “Alexa, ask Food Network to find a chicken parmesan recipe.”
  • SideChef: SideChef provides step-by-step recipe instructions with photos. Enable it and say “Alexa, ask SideChef how to make grilled salmon.”

Experiment with these skills and more to find your favorites. The recipes display beautifully on the Echo Show’s screen.

Use the Silk Browser

Your Echo Show has access to Amazon’s Silk browser. This allows you to directly display web pages on the Echo Show screen.

You can view any recipe website this way by saying “Alexa, open Silk and go to allrecipes dot com.” This will display the allrecipes homepage on your Show device.

You can then ask Alexa to click on various elements of the page to navigate it with your voice. Click on a recipe to view the instructions and images on your screen.

This gives you access to any recipe site out there. The one catch is that sites not optimized for Alexa may have some issues displaying properly. But for most recipe sites it works well.

Optimize Recipe Website Display

While any website can be viewed on Echo Show via Silk, some display better than others. Many recipes sites have not optimized their sites to render perfectly on Echo Show.

Here are some ways sites can improve recipe display on Echo Show:

  • Simplified design: Sites should aim for a simple, clean design without too many distracting elements. The focus should be on the recipe itself.
  • Large text: Ingredients and instructions need larger text for readability on Echo Show’s screen.
  • Tap targets: Links and buttons should be large enough tap with your voice. Dense links are difficult with voice navigation.
  • Echo Show markup: Developers can add metadata to enable features like automatic image display on Echo Show.

Hopefully more sites will optimize and allow proper formatting for Echo Show recipes. For now, keeping recipes simple is key.

Use IFTTT Applets

IFTTT is a great platform for creating automated actions and connections between services and devices.

You can set up IFTTT applets that automatically send recipes from sites like Pinterest over to your Echo Show when you save or pin them.

Here is an example applet:

If: New pin saved to Pinterest board Recipes
Then: Send pin link and details to Echo Show

Creating applets like this allow you to curate recipes on other platforms and seamlessly have them display on your Echo Show when you’re ready to cook.

Display Family Recipes

Have some old family recipes you want to be able to easily display on your Echo Show? There are a couple good options for safely storing and viewing personal recipes.

  • Evernote: Use Evernote to store any family recipe PDFs, photos or written instructions. Then create a notebook to share those recipes. You can view this shared Evernote notebook on your Echo Show by linking your Evernote account and asking Alexa to show you the notebook.
  • OneNote: Similarly, you can share a OneNote notebook full of recipes which can be displayed on your Echo Show. This keeps treasured family recipes safely stored digitally while still being accessible hands-free from your kitchen.

Get Cooking with Echo Show Recipes!