How to Stop and Disable Annoying YouTube Shorts Videos

YouTube Shorts are short-form vertical videos that have become hugely popular on YouTube over the past couple of years. However, many users find the auto-playing Shorts videos in the YouTube app annoying and disruptive when trying to watch regular YouTube videos. Fortunately, there are a few methods to stop or disable YouTube Shorts.

Use YouTube Website Instead of Mobile App

The easiest way is to simply use the YouTube website instead of the mobile app when browsing for videos. YouTube Shorts are only available in the mobile app – they do not auto-play on the YouTube website. So by using in your mobile or desktop browser, you can avoid Shorts completely.


  • Completely disables Shorts
  • Works on both mobile and desktop


  • Less convenient than the YouTube app

Disable Video Autoplay in App Settings

You can stop videos in general from autoplaying in the YouTube app, including Shorts, by disabling autoplay in your account settings:

  1. Open the YouTube app and tap on your profile icon
  2. Go to Settings > Autoplay
  3. Toggle off Autoplay videos


  • Stops all videos autoplaying, including Shorts
  • Still allows you to manually play videos


  • Have to manually start each video
  • Doesn’t specifically target just Shorts

Use a Third-Party YouTube App

There are many third-party YouTube apps that provide an alternative YouTube experience without Shorts. Popular options include NewPipe, SkyTube, and YouTube Vanced (for Android only).

These apps do not show Shorts at all. You’ll get the regular YouTube feed and video experience without annoying Shorts interrupting your browsing.


  • No Shorts
  • Often have additional features over official YouTube app


  • Some features may not work as well
  • Have to install another app

Use Browser Extensions to Remove Shorts

If using the YouTube website, there are browser extensions that can filter out Shorts from your feed and search results:

  • Remove YouTube Shorts – Chrome/Firefox extension that removes Shorts
  • Shorts Eradicator – Another Chrome extension to erase Shorts

After installing one of these extensions, Shorts will no longer appear when browsing YouTube.


  • Works on desktop and mobile browsers
  • Specifically targets just Shorts


  • Only works on browser, not in app
  • Need to install extension

Block Shorts Channel

You can block the main YouTube Shorts channel to prevent Shorts from showing up in your recommendations.

To do this:

  1. Open the YouTube Shorts channel
  2. Click the 3 dot menu next to Subscribe
  3. Select Block user

This will remove Shorts recommendations on your homepage and Up Next videos.


  • Easy to do
  • Removes Shorts recommendations


  • Doesn’t stop Shorts in search results or feeds
  • Other Shorts channels may still show up

Use Third-Party Apps Like Vineyard

Vineyard is an app that lets you specifically browse just YouTube Shorts or regular long-form YouTube videos. So you can use Vineyard to only watch regular YouTube, avoiding Shorts completely.


  • Separates Shorts from regular YouTube
  • Customized feeds


  • Another app to install
  • Smaller app, some features may be missing

Give Feedback to YouTube

Finally, you can provide feedback directly to YouTube via the Send Feedback option in the YouTube app or YouTube Studio dashboard.

Let them know you find Shorts disruptive and want better controls over them. If enough users give this feedback, YouTube may add more Shorts customization options.

In Summary

While popular, many users find YouTube Shorts annoying and disruptive. Thankfully there are options available to eliminate Shorts, including using the YouTube website, disabling autoplay, third-party apps, browser extensions, blocking channels, and providing YouTube feedback.