How to Tell If Someone Has Blocked Your Phone Number

Key Takeaways

  • Telltale signs that someone has blocked your number include going straight to voicemail, not receiving delivery notifications for texts, and not seeing updates to their last seen status on messaging apps.
  • Calling from another number or using a phone number lookup service can confirm if you’ve been blocked by that person.
  • Being blocked is usually a clear sign that communication is unwanted, so it’s best to respect that boundary unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Being blocked by someone can sting, especially if you’re unsure why it happened or if it was intentional. While phone carriers don’t notify you directly about blocked numbers, there are some giveaways that someone may have blocked your calls and texts. Here’s how to tell if you’ve been blocked and what you can do about it.

Signs Someone Blocked Your Number

The main indicators that you’ve been blocked by someone are:

Calls Go Straight to Voicemail

One of the clearest signs is that every call you make goes straight to the person’s voicemail after just one ring. This is different from the usual 4-5 rings before being redirected to voicemail when the call isn’t picked up.

No Delivery Notifications for Texts

When you send a text message, you normally see either a “Delivered” or “Read” notification. If you never get these notifications when messaging that person, it likely means you’ve been blocked.

Their Last Seen Status Doesn’t Update

Many messaging apps like WhatsApp show the last time someone was online or had the app open. If their status never seems to update even though you know they’ve been active, that could indicate they’ve blocked you from seeing their online status.

Calls Identified as “Potential Spam”

Some carriers and devices now flag calls from blocked numbers as potential spam calls. So if you suddenly start seeing this label when calling someone, it’s a good sign you may have been blocked.

Confirming If You’ve Been Blocked

The signs above are good indicators, but the only way to confirm if someone blocked your number is by calling from a different phone number that they haven’t blocked.

Use a Friend’s Phone

The easiest way is to simply borrow a friend’s phone and call or text the person from that number. If it rings through normally, you can be sure your number was blocked.

Get a Google Voice Number

Another option is to get a free Google Voice number to use for testing. Just install the app, configure a new number, and try calling/texting from that “number” to see if it goes through.

Use a Phone Number Lookup Service

There are also paid phone number lookup services that can check if your number has been blocked by someone. They work by having a large database of blocked numbers that they can cross-reference.

Should You Try to Contact Them Again?

There could be exceptions in emergency situations or if you have an important reason to get in touch, like a work matter or legal issue. But in most cases, it’s better to respect their choice and move on.

If you feel the block was unwarranted or a mistake, you could try reaching out from a different number to explain yourself. But be prepared that they may not be receptive, and don’t harass them if they confirm they want no contact.

Ultimately, being blocked is a strong sign that someone wants space from you. While it can be upsetting, it’s best to give them that space unless there are extraordinary circumstances.