How to Unlock the Jaeger Trader in Escape From Tarkov

Key Takeaways

  • Complete the “Saving the Mole” quest for Mechanic and reach Character rank 2
  • Accept and complete the “Gunsmith Part 1” quest from Mechanic
  • Accept the “Introduction” quest from Mechanic to unlock Jaeger
  • Find Jaeger’s camp on Woods map near the crashed plane and retrieve his encrypted message
  • Extract successfully from the raid and turn in the message to Mechanic

Unlocking Jaeger – A Comprehensive Guide

As an experienced Escape From Tarkov player, I understand the importance of unlocking the Jaeger trader. Jaeger offers exclusive weapons, ammunition, and gear that can give you a significant advantage in the harsh world of Tarkov. However, gaining access to his services is no easy feat, requiring you to complete a series of quests and meet specific requirements. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the entire process of unlocking Jaeger, ensuring you have all the necessary information to succeed.


Before you can begin the quest to unlock Jaeger, you must complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Complete the “Saving the Mole” Quest for Mechanic: This quest involves several steps, including extracting with a data drive. Completing this quest is crucial as it sets the stage for unlocking Jaeger. [1]
  2. Reach Character Rank 2 or Higher: After completing the “Saving the Mole” quest, you must climb the character ranks and reach rank 2 or higher. This requirement is relatively easy to achieve, especially if you focus on completing quests and gaining experience. [1]

Unlocking Jaeger’s Quest

Once you have met the prerequisites, you can proceed to unlock Jaeger’s quest. Here are the steps:

  1. Accept the “Gunsmith Part 1” Quest from Mechanic: Upon reaching rank 2 with Mechanic, you will receive the “Gunsmith Part 1” quest. This quest requires you to modify an AK rifle according to specific specifications and turn it in to Mechanic. [1][4]
  2. Accept the “Introduction” Quest: After completing the “Gunsmith Part 1” quest, Mechanic will offer you a new quest called “Introduction.” This is the quest that will lead you to unlocking Jaeger. Accept this quest immediately. [1][4]

Finding Jaeger’s Camp

The “Introduction” quest tasks you with finding Jaeger’s camp on the Woods map and retrieving an encrypted message. Here’s how to locate Jaeger’s camp:

  1. Navigate to the Crashed Plane: Jaeger’s camp is located near a crashed plane in the southeastern part of the Woods map, between the large mountain and the Factory Gate extraction point. [1][4][5]
  2. Locate the Hunter’s Lodge: From the crashed plane’s cockpit, turn south, and you should spot a small hunter’s lodge. This is Jaeger’s camp. [5]
  3. Retrieve the Encrypted Message: Approach the camp and look for a piece of paper underneath the structure. Your character will automatically loot the encrypted message once you’re close enough. [1][4][5]
  4. Extract Successfully: With the encrypted message in your inventory, your primary objective is to extract safely from the raid. Avoid high-traffic areas and choose a safer extraction point, such as the UN Roadblock or Cliff Descent. [4]

Completing the Quest

After successfully extracting with Jaeger’s encrypted message, return to your stash and open Mechanic’s quest screen. Turn in the encrypted message to complete the “Introduction” quest, and Jaeger will be unlocked as a trader! [1][4][5]

With Jaeger unlocked, you now have access to his exclusive inventory of special ammunition, weapons, and equipment. Additionally, he will provide you with a series of quests to complete, further expanding your opportunities in Escape From Tarkov. [4]

Remember, the path to unlocking Jaeger is not an easy one, but with perseverance and careful execution, you can gain access to this valuable trader and enhance your overall experience in the game. Good luck, and happy raiding! [1][4][5]