How To Download and Save Instagram Reels Videos to Camera Roll

Instagram Reels have become hugely popular for creating and sharing short, entertaining videos. If you come across a hilarious Reel you want to save or download for offline viewing, here are several methods to get that video into your camera roll or device gallery.

Use Instagram’s Built-In Download Tool (Only in the US Currently)

Instagram recently introduced a native Reels downloading feature, but it is only available in the United States at the time of writing.

To use it:

  • Open the Reels video you want to save
  • Tap the paper airplane Share icon
  • Select Download

The Reel will start downloading to your camera roll.

Record Your Screen

If you want to save an Instagram Reels video on iPhone or iPad, you can record the screen as the video plays.

To start screen recording:

  • Swipe down from top of screen to open Control Center
  • Tap Screen Recording button
  • Open the Reels video
  • Tap red timer to start recording
  • When finished, tap red bar at top to stop

The screen recording will save directly to your camera roll. You can then trim the start/end to only include the Reels video itself.

Use Third-Party Apps

There are free third-party apps for iOS and Android that make it easy to download Instagram Reels:

iOS Apps

  • InSaver – Easy app to download Reels with watermark removed
  • Reels Saver – No ads or subscriptions to save Instagram videos

Android Apps

  • Reels Video Downloader – Simple interface to save Reels fast
  • Video Downloader for Instagram – Supports both Reels and feed videos

The process is similar for most:

  1. Copy share link of the Instagram Reels post
  2. Paste link in third-party app
  3. Hit download button
  4. Access saved videos from device gallery

Use Online Instagram Reels Downloaders

You can also use free web tools to download Reels without installing any apps:

To use these sites:

  1. Copy and paste the Instagram Reels URL into the site
  2. Click the download button
  3. Reels video will download to your device gallery

These sites work on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Download Reels on Desktop

To save Instagram Reels videos on a Windows or Mac computer, use free tools like:

  • 4K Stogram – Downloads Reels and feed videos in high quality
  • EaseUS Video Downloader – User-friendly interface to capture Reels

The process involves:

  1. Install tool on computer
  2. Copy/paste Reels URL
  3. Select download location on PC
  4. Open downloaded Reels video file

Edit Downloaded Instagram Reels

Once you’ve saved Reels to your device using the above methods, you can edit them before sharing:

Trim Start/End Points

Use your device’s gallery editor or a third-party editing app to trim any unwanted sections from start/end of the video.

Remove Watermarks

Some methods will download with an Instagram watermark. Use a video editor to crop or blur the watermark out of the video.

Add Music/Effects

Enhance the Reels using your device’s built-in editing tools or apps like Inshot to add filters, text, emojis or background music.

Share Downloaded Reels on Other Platforms

Now you have the Reels video saved, you can easily upload and share on other platforms if you want:

  • YouTube – Upload natively or use a cross-posting tool
  • TikTok – Post via TikTok app
  • Facebook/Instagram – Share saved Reels video to feed or stories

So whether you want to save a funny Reels video or reuse content across platforms, using the built-in tool or third-party apps makes downloading Instagram Reels a breeze!