How to Instantly Unsubscribe Unwanted Emails in Gmail

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It’s very hard avoiding promotional emails these days. Once you enter your email on a registration form, it’s almost certain you will be bombarded by spam, unwanted emails every day. These emails are not always filtered by Gmail’s protection system which leaves up to users to block them manually.

Fortunately, Gmail has added an option to unsubscribe email quickly. Beyond that, the majority of email senders have also included links within the email that lets you opt-out and manage email preferences in an instant.

Here are three methods to unsubscribe emails in Gmail.

#1 Unsubscribe email using Gmail’s unsubscribe feature

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To quickly opt-out from the mailing list, you can do so by clicking on the Unsubscribe link next to the sender name & their address. On the Gmail app version, the button can be found under the kebab icon (three dots).

After that, you will be taken to a web page that informs you that ‘unsubscribe is successful’. It sometimes asking a confirmation or a question on why you unsubscribing.

#2 Unsubscribe directly from the email message

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Most marketing emails provide an unsubscribe link on their messages. The link is often small, located at the bottom, and intentionally appears on a subtle color which makes it a bit harder to find, but it’s there.

This method could be the alternative when Gmail’s unsubscribe feature, for some reason, failed to detect the link. Just like the previous method, it will open a web page about the unsubscribing confirmation or a quick survey.

#3 Block the sender

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It’s a very bold move, but many senders, especially spam ones, are often not including the unsubscribe button on their emails. This means the only way to get rid of those annoying emails is by blocking the sender. Click on the kebab icon > Block “sender name”.

Any future emails from the blocked sender will be filtered and marked as spam which can be seen under the Spam folder. Blocked senders are listed on the Gmail Settings page and can be unblocked if you need to.

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