How To Use Built-In Unattended Remote Access in AnyDesk Software

AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop software that allows users to access and control computers or other devices remotely. One of its most useful features is Unattended Remote Access, which enables remote connections even when no one is physically present at the remote computer.

What is Unattended Remote Access?

Unattended Remote Access allows you to establish remote sessions with devices without anyone present to accept the connection request. This is extremely useful for providing remote support or accessing your work computer from home when no one is in the office.

Some key things to know about AnyDesk’s Unattended Remote Access:

  • It requires setting up a password on the remote device to allow unattended connections
  • You must enable the “Unattended Access” permission on the remote device
  • It uses military-grade encryption to secure the remote session

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Unattended Access

Follow these simple steps to start using Unattended Remote Access with AnyDesk:

1. Install AnyDesk on the Remote Device

First, download and install AnyDesk on the Windows, Mac, or Linux computer you want to access remotely.

2. Configure AnyDesk Settings on the Remote Device

Once AnyDesk is installed:

  • Open AnyDesk settings
  • Go to the Security tab
  • Enable Unattended Access
  • Set a strong Password for unattended connections
  • Under Permissions, select “Unattended Access”

AnyDesk Unattended Access Settings

3. Connect Remotely Using the Set Password

Now when you connect to the remote device’s AnyDesk ID from your local device, it will prompt you to enter the Unattended Access password before establishing the remote session.

This allows you to securely access the remote device anytime, even when no one is physically present to accept your connection request.

Unattended Access Use Cases

Here are some of the most common and helpful uses cases for AnyDesk’s Unattended Remote Access feature:

Provide Remote IT Support

As an IT technician, you can troubleshoot issues on your clients’ computers after hours without having to coordinate schedules.

Access Work Devices Remotely

Employees can securely access their office computers and work files from home without having to go into the office.

Manage Servers & Network Devices

Data center administrators can perform maintenance tasks on servers and networking equipment off-hours.

Control Machines Remotely

Manage and monitor remote machinery, manufacturing equipment, and other industrial systems from a central location.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on remote cameras, appliances, HVAC systems, and more.

Security Best Practices

When enabling Unattended Remote Access, be sure to follow these security best practices:

  • Always use strong randomly-generated passwords
  • Enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) if possible
  • Restrict Unattended Access permissions to specific user accounts
  • Use a firewall or VPN to limit remote access to specific IP ranges
  • Monitor remote access logs to detect unauthorized logins
  • Keep all software up-to-date, including AnyDesk installations


Unattended Remote Access is an incredibly valuable feature offered by AnyDesk. It enables remote support technicians, IT administrators, and end users to access devices securely from anywhere at any time, without needing someone physically present to allow access.

Just be sure to configure it properly by setting a strong unattended access password and following other security best practices outlined above. This will allow you to unlock the full potential of AnyDesk’s remote access capabilities.