How to Effortlessly Upload Photos to iCloud From Your PC

Uploading photos from your Windows PC to iCloud is an easy way to keep your images synced across all your devices. With just a few simple steps, you can have your entire photo library accessible on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and any other device connected to your iCloud account.


Before uploading photos to iCloud, you need:

  • An iCloud account
  • The iCloud app for Windows installed on your PC
  • Windows 10 or later

If you don’t already have an iCloud account, you can create one for free. This gives you 5GB of storage space to start.

Install the iCloud App on Windows

The iCloud app for Windows provides access to your iCloud content like Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and more.

To install it:

  1. Go to on your Windows PC
  2. Click Download iCloud for Windows
  3. Open the downloaded iCloudSetup.exe file and follow the prompts to install

Once installed, launch the iCloud app and sign in using your Apple ID.

Set Up iCloud Photos

With the iCloud app open:

  1. Click Options next to Photos
  2. Check the box for iCloud Photos
  3. Click Apply

This enables iCloud Photos and creates an iCloud Photos folder in File Explorer.

Upload Photos and Videos

To upload photos and videos from your PC:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Navigate to the iCloud Photos folder
  3. Drag and drop your photos/videos into this folder

The files will start uploading automatically. Any photos added to this folder are synced across devices.

Alternatively, copy/paste your photos directly into the iCloud Photos folder.

Choose Upload Options

Under Photos > Options in the iCloud app, you can configure:

  • Upload size: Small, Medium or Original
  • Upload from: Specific folder location
  • Optimize storage: Save space on your PC

Set your preferences before uploading.

Access Uploaded Photos

Once uploaded successfully from your Windows PC, your photos and videos are available:

Any changes made (edits, albums, etc.) will sync across devices.

Upgrade iCloud Storage (If Needed)

The free 5GB storage may fill up fast if you have a large photo library. You can upgrade at any time:

  1. Open the iCloud app on Windows
  2. Click Account > Manage Storage
  3. Choose your preferred storage plan

Upgrading ensures you have room for all your photos.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your photos won’t upload to iCloud from Windows, try:

  • Restarting your PC
  • Ensuring iCloud Photos is enabled
  • Checking your internet connection

For more detailed troubleshooting, Apple provides an iCloud for Windows user guide.

Alternative Photo Sync Solutions

While iCloud Photos works seamlessly for Apple users, alternative services like Google Photos and Dropbox can also sync your photos across devices and platforms.

However, iCloud remains the best integrated solution for an all-Apple ecosystem with deep OS-level integration not matched by other cloud storage providers.


Uploading your Windows PC’s photos library to iCloud is straightforward once you have the iCloud app installed and set up correctly.

Simply drag and drop your photos into the iCloud Photos folder in File Explorer, configure options to your preference, upgrade storage if needed, and access your photos on any device.

With your entire photo collection safely stored and synced via iCloud, you have the flexibility to edit, share and enjoy your pictures on the go across all your Apple devices.