How to Use the Trading Post Market in Arknights Game

The Trading Post is an essential facility in your Arknights base for generating resources through trade orders. Using the right operators and upgrading the Trading Post allows you to maximize your income. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about effectively utilizing the Trading Post market.

Overview of the Trading Post

The Trading Post allows you to trade materials produced in your factories for either LMD (the game’s currency) or Orundum. Orundum is required for pulling operators from the gacha.

Here are some key things to know about the Trading Post:

  • Trade orders come in randomly asking for a certain material in exchange for LMD or Orundum
  • Higher level Trading Posts have increased order limits and acquisition rates
  • At Level 3, you can choose whether you want LMD or Orundum orders
  • The right operator assignments greatly improve order acquisition and output

How Trade Orders Work

When you assign operators to the Trading Post, trade orders will randomly appear asking for materials. Each order has a timer showing how long you have to deliver the materials.

Here is the basic workflow:

  1. Assign operators to the Trading Post
  2. Wait for trade orders to appear
  3. Select an order and tap “Trade”
  4. Deliver the required materials from your inventory before the timer expires
  5. Collect your LMD or Orundum reward

Note: If you don’t have enough materials, you can tap “Give Up” on the order. But try not to let orders expire without giving up manually.

Optimizing Operator Assignments

Assigning certain operators to the Trading Post can greatly improve order acquisition and maximize output.

Here are some top operator skills to utilize:

  • Texas, Lappland, Exusiai: +100% order acquisition efficiency
  • Archetto: Additional order limit
  • Shamare: +50% order acquisition efficiency
  • Jaye: +105% order acquisition efficiency

Always check operators’ base skills before assigning them. Utilize any Trading Post bonuses to improve efficiency.

Upgrading the Trading Post

Upgrading your Trading Post increases order limits and acquisition rates for more income.

Here are the upgrade requirements:

| Level | Materials |
| Level 1 → 2 | Light building material x3, drones x60 |
| Level 2 → 3 | Light building material x6, drones x200 |

The key benefit of reaching Level 3 is being able to choose between LMD and Orundum orders.

Choosing Between LMD and Orundum Orders

Once your Trading Post reaches Level 3, you can choose whether incoming orders give LMD or Orundum.

Here are guidelines on deciding between the two:

  • Choose LMD orders if you need money to upgrade operators and facilities
  • Choose Orundum orders if you want to pull for new operators
  • Balance between the two based on your current priorities

Take your needs into account. If you’re saving for a certain banner, Orundum orders will help increase your pull currency.

Getting the Most Out of Your Trading Post

To maximize productivity from your Trading Post:

  • Assign operators with Trading Post bonuses – Check skills for acquisition/efficiency perks
  • Balance LMD and Orundum orders – Cater to your current needs
  • Upgrade when possible – Higher levels means more orders
  • Manage trade order timers – Don’t let orders expire and waste potential income

With the right operators and some micromanagement, your Trading Post can generate a steady flow of LMD and Orundum.


The Trading Post allows you to convert materials into essential currencies for progression. Manage trade orders efficiently with operator assignments, upgrades, and balancing LMD/Orundum income. Use these tips to get the most out of your Trading Post market in Arknights!