How to View and Restore Archived Items in

Introduction is a popular work management platform that allows users to organize projects into boards with columns, items, and subitems. As projects progress, users may find the need to archive completed items to keep their boards clean and organized.

However, there may be instances when users need to view or restore previously archived items for reference or to make edits. Thankfully, provides simple ways to find and restore archived items.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to view archived items in
  • How to search for and restore archived boards, items, and subitems
  • Where archived data is stored in

Equipped with this knowledge, you can easily access your archived project data when needed.

Viewing Archived Items

There are a few ways to access archived items in

1. Archived History

To view archived items for a specific board:

  • Click the three-dot menu at the top right of the board
  • Select Board Settings
  • Click Archived History

This will display a list of archived items, groups, and columns. You can scroll through the list and click “View” to access archived items.

2. Search Archives

To search all archived items across boards:

  • Click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left
  • Check the box for Search Archives
  • Enter search terms and click the magnifying glass to search

This searches all archived items, allowing you to find content even if you don’t know which board it is from.

3. Archived Boards

To view archived boards:

  • Click your profile icon at the bottom left
  • Select Archived Boards

This displays a list of boards you have archived. Click on one to view it.

Restoring Archived Items

Once you have located an archived item, restoring it is simple:

1. Restore Item

  • From the Archived History list, locate the item
  • Click Restore to send the item back to its original board

2. Restore Board

  • From Archived Boards, click on the board to restore
  • Click Restore to reactive the board

Restored boards, items, groups, and columns will be returned to their original location.

Note: Deleted boards and items can also be restored from the Recycle Bin within 30 days.

Where Archived Data is Stored

Archived and deleted data stays in your account:

  • Archived items are stored indefinitely per board
  • Deleted items go into a Recycle Bin for 30 days
  • Archived boards are stored separately from active boards

So you don’t have to worry about archived project data disappearing. As long as your account remains active, your archived data is retained.


The ability to archive and restore data is vital for organizing boards as projects progress while still maintaining access to historical information.

With’s Archive History, Search Archive, and Archived Boards features, users can easily find and restore archived project data when needed.

Keeping your boards clutter-free while retaining archived item access enhances’s usefulness for managing projects over time.