How to View and Search List of Banned Accounts on Roblox Platform

Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows users to create their own games and play games created by others. With millions of users, Roblox has to deal with various issues like scams, inappropriate content, hacking attempts etc. To maintain a safe community, Roblox moderates user accounts and content.

Understanding Roblox Moderation

Roblox uses both automated systems and human moderators to review content and accounts for policy violations[2]. Common reasons for bans include:

  • Hate speech, bullying, threats or harassment of other users
  • Sharing personal information
  • Violent, offensive or sexually explicit content
  • Cheating, exploiting or hacking
  • Scams

When an account is banned, it is completely removed from Roblox and is no longer accessible. The length of the ban can range from 1-7 days, to a permanent ban depending on violation.

Viewing Banned Roblox Accounts

Since banned accounts are deleted from Roblox, you cannot view them directly on the platform anymore. However, third party sites maintain records of banned players which allows you to still view their profiles.


RBLXTRADE is a popular Roblox trading site that has data on terminated Roblox accounts[9]. To view banned profiles on RBLXTRADE:

  • Go to RBLXTRADE website
  • Click on “Terminated Users” on top right
  • Select “Item Value Leaderboard” or “Place Visit Leaderboard”
  • Choose an account to view more details

You can see information like their avatar, badges, game visits, inventory value for banned accounts here.

Banned Users on YouTube

There are some Roblox YouTubers that have made videos showcasing banned players’ profiles using sites like RBLXTRADE. Watching these videos can let you discover and view random banned accounts on Roblox[13].

Searching for Friends’ Banned Profiles

If you want to specifically lookup a banned profile of someone you know, follow these methods:

Using Roblox Username

  • Go to RBLXTRADE website
  • Enter the Roblox username in search bar
  • If the account is banned, their information will be displayed

Using Roblox ID

Every Roblox account has a unique ID associated with it. If you know your friend’s Roblox ID:

  • Enter the ID in search bar to pull up banned account

So in summary, RBLXTRADE allows searching banned accounts either via Roblox username or the account’s ID.

Protecting Your Account from Getting Banned

While viewing banned accounts can be interesting, getting your own account banned is frustrating. Follow these tips to keep your account safe:

  • Use a strong unique password[8]
  • Enable two-factor authentication[8]
  • Never share your login information with anyone
  • Avoid cheating/hacking tools or scripts
  • Report inappropriate behavior to Roblox
  • Be respectful to other players


Getting banned from Roblox results in losing access to an account and all its data. Using third party sites like RBLXTRADE that keep records of banned players allows people to view these deleted profiles. So if someone wonders what happened to their banned friend’s account, there are options to search and discover the details. However, it’s best for all users to remain aware of Roblox rules to prevent facing a ban themselves.