How to Write Best Selling Books in The Sims 4

As an experienced Sims player and aspiring author in real life, I have found great joy in developing my Sims’ writing skills and guiding them towards bestselling author status. Writing books in The Sims 4 that sell well and earn those sweet Simoleons takes some effort, but is very rewarding. Here are my tips for writing bestsellers in The Sims 4 based on my experience.

Develop Strong Writing Skills

The key to writing bestselling books is having high writing skills. Here are some ways to build up your Sim’s writing ability:

  • Have them practice writing on the computer often. This is the fastest way to gain writing XP.
  • Read books. This helps gain writing inspiration.
  • Take writing and creative skill classes if you have the Discover University expansion pack.
  • Purchase the ‘Master Suite Stuff’ pack – the Writing Desk object boosts skill gain.
  • Select the ‘Bookworm’ trait for faster skill gain. Other helpful traits are ‘Perfectionist’, ‘Creative’, and ‘Genius’.

Aim to reach at least level 8-10 writing before attempting bestsellers. This makes a huge difference in quality.

Write in Optimal Emotional States

Being ‘inspired’ or ‘very inspired’ when writing books substantially increases the chances of achieving a high quality bestselling novel. Here are reliable ways to put your sim into an inspired mood:

  • Take a thoughtful shower
  • Have a drink from the Espresso Bar
  • View beautiful paintings or graffiti art
  • Listen to the Pop music station
  • Use inspiring decor items like the Potion Concoction Station

Avoid tense or uncomfortable moods – no bestsellers there!

Focus on the Most Profitable Genres

Fantasy and Romance genre books earn the most royalties per day. I recommend focusing specifically on writing those once you have achieved level 8+ writing to maximize income potential.

Mystery and Poetry books also sell reasonably well. Non-fiction earns very little.

Write a Variety

It can help to write books across multiple genres, even if you focus on Fantasy and Romance. Variety prevents your Sim from getting repetitive penalties applied to royalty payouts over time.

Also, explore writing in different formats like screenplays, articles, pop fiction in addition to standard book genres for extra income streams.

Utilize Rewards

There are some excellent rewards you can purchase after earning aspiration points that make achieving bestsellers much easier:

  • Muser’s Inspiration: Makes inspired moods last longer
  • Professional Slacker: Reduces the rate skills decrease from lack of use
  • Marketable: Increases daily royalty payments

Save up points to get those ASAP.

Have a Dedicated Writing Nook

Buy or build your Sim a dedicated little writing nook for focusing on book writing. Essential elements:

  • Computer
  • Comfy chair
  • Bookshelves
  • Inspiring decor like art, plants, or water fountains
  • Window for gazing outdoors to gain inspired moods
  • Wall lights for late night writing sessions

This writing sanctuary will get your Sim into a creative productive flow.

Promote Your Books

Once you have published 10 books of normal or better quality, you can start personally promoting your books which increases sales and daily royalties. Just click “Promote Books” on your Sim’s phone or computer. Useful for an extra income boost!

Complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration

If you can fulfill the criteria of the Bestselling Author aspiration by writing 3 bestsellers, reaching Writing level 10, and earning §25,000 in royalties, your Sim will permanently gain the ‘Poetic’ trait. This makes all future books much more likely to achieve ‘Bestseller’ status!

Writing best selling novels takes time and effort, but using these tips your Sim has an excellent chance of becoming a rich #1 selling author! Let your Sim’s creative genius shine. Those royalty checks will be rolling in before you know it!