How To Zoom In and Out for Improved Aiming in Apex Legends Game

As a competitive Apex Legends player with over 500 hours of gameplay, precise aiming is critical to success. The ability to zoom in and out smoothly while aiming down sights (ADS) can give you a significant edge in gunfights. In this guide, I’ll share my best tips for optimizing your zoom sensitivity settings for better aim across all optics and ranges.

Understand ADS Sensitivity Scaling

Unlike other shooters, Apex Legends scales your ADS sensitivity based on the level of zoom. This helps maintain consistent perceived sensitivity as you zoom in further. The higher the magnification, the more your sensitivity gets reduced.

Without this, aiming would feel drastically faster when zoomed in compared to hipfire. This scaling needs to be properly configured to achieve a 1:1 feel regardless of zoom level.

Calculate Your Scope Sensitivity

Use this calculator to derive sensitivity multipliers that counteract FOV changes from zooming. This eliminates the disconnected feeling when aiming down sights.

Input your hipfire DPI/sensitivity and FOV scale from your config file. For each sight, enter its magnification and make sure “Use Advanced Options” is checked. The calculator will give you a multiplier to use.

Repeat this for every sight until all of them line up with your hipfire at a 1:1 ratio. I recommend values between 0.8-1.2.

Lower Your ADS Sensitivity Slightly

Your hipfire sensitivity should allow comfortable large movements needed in Apex Legends. But when aiming down sights, you only need to make micro-adjustments.

Try lowering your ADS sensitivity by 5-15% relative to hipfire. This makes fine control easier for distant targets without sacrificing CQC speed. Some top players use an even bigger gap up to 30%.

Experiment to find your optimal aiming sensitivity – it takes time to adjust to a lower sens. I settled on 10% less than my hipfire which improved my precision greatly.

Use Per Optic Sensitivity Settings

Apex added per optic sensitivity customization for good reason. You can fine tune the feel of each sight individually for your preferences.

Higher power sights like 4x-10x benefit from slower settings for long range tracking. Lower sights like 1x holo can use faster sensitivities for reactive target switching. Tweak each one until you build muscle memory.

Consider Response Curve & Deadzone

Apart from sensitivity, adjusting your response curve and deadzones can further improve aim consistency.

Try a more aggressive curve like Classic or Linear. Lower deadzones also yield more responsive aim at the cost of minor drift. I personally use Classic with small 5% deadzones.

Practice in Firing Range

No guide can instantly make you a beamer. You need to grind out deliberate practice with these optimized settings to adapt your muscle memory.

Spend 30 minutes in firing range before playing. Work on tracking aim trainers and flicking between targets. Focus on keeping your crosshair at head level. Analyze your mistakes and adjust sensitivities further if needed.

Proper sensitivity settings eliminate barriers between you and your peak aiming potential. Optimizing zoom control and response curves can help you land more headshots in Apex Legends. But remember to put in the practice needed to internalize these settings into your aim. Apply these tips and your gunskill is sure to improve over time. Let me know in the comments if you have any other zoom sensitivity questions!