Huawei P9 – How to Customize Your Lock Screen Wallpaper Image

As an avid Huawei user for over 5 years, I’ve learned how to fully customize my devices to make them feel more personal. One of my favorite customizations is changing the default lock screen wallpaper image on my Huawei P9. With a few easy steps, you can set any photo you take or find online as your lock screen background.

Access Lock Screen Settings

The first step is to access the lock screen settings on your P9. To do this:

  1. Open the Settings app on your home screen
  2. Scroll down and tap “Security & privacy”
  3. Tap “Screen lock & passwords”
  4. Enter your lock screen password or verify your identity if prompted
  5. Tap “Wallpaper” under the “Lock screen display” section

This will open the wallpaper selection screen specifically for customizing the lock screen background image.

Select Image from Gallery

The easiest way to customize your lock screen wallpaper is to use an existing image saved in your photo gallery:

  • Tap “Gallery” at the top of the wallpaper selection screen
  • Browse through the albums and folders to find your desired image
  • Tap the image to preview how it will look on the lock screen
  • Tap “Set as wallpaper” in the bottom right to confirm

You can repeat this process at any time to change your lock screen image to a different photo from your gallery.

Use Camera to Take Photo

Another option is to take a brand new photo with your camera to use for your customized wallpaper:

  • Tap “Camera” at the top of the wallpaper screen
  • Line up your photo and tap the shutter icon to take the picture
  • Tap the preview image in the bottom right corner
  • Tap “Set as wallpaper” to save this new photo as your lock screen wallpaper

I like using this method to take photos of landscapes when traveling or my pets to personalize my device.

Download Image from Web Browser

Finally, you can find and download any image from the internet to your P9 if you want a more unique lock screen wallpaper:

  • Open the internet browser app and navigate to an image hosting site like Flickr or Pexels
  • Search for an image or browse categories to find one you like
  • Tap and hold on the desired image to save it to your device
  • Open the Settings app and return to the lock screen wallpaper page
  • Tap “Gallery” and locate the downloaded image
  • Select the image and tap “Set as wallpaper”

Downloaded images from online tend to be very high resolution, resulting in an eye-catching and crisp lock screen background for your P9.

Customize Lock Screen Options

Once you’ve set your new custom wallpaper image, you can customize additional lock screen options:

  • Tap “Magazine unlock” to enable a scrolling wallpaper gallery
  • Adjust wallpaper scrolling effects under the “Magazine album settings” menu
  • Toggle “Shuffle” on to randomize the lock screen wallpaper order

Play around with these additional settings to keep your lock screen feeling fresh and personalized. Changing wallpapers is an easy way to make your Huawei P9 feel new again without having to replace it.