3 Ways to Automatically Skip Youtube Ads on the Video

How to Automatically Skip Youtube Ads on the Video

Youtube has a 5 seconds policy which forces the viewer to watch at least the early 5 seconds (even more) of the adv video before able to skip it. That’s arguably annoying when you want to see videos quickly or running a music playlists. Instead of using an ad blocker system which hurts the internet ecosystem, you can simply wait for seconds before hit “Skip Ad” button. However, it might less convenient for some people. So, how to automatically skip Youtube ads on the video?

The following tips are intended for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox user. Unfortunately, I didn’t found similar abilities for other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Opera, while Youtube for Android may have a chance to enable automatic skipping ad feature.

If you interested, check out the following tips!

Skip ad video automatically in Google Chrome

Google has no default ability to spontaneously click the “Skip Ad” button, so we can take the advantages of extension support. A developer named Shreya Dahal has created an extension which able to skip the video advertisement automatically. The developer notes that this tool wasn’t designed to block the ads, it just helps you skip the ad if you are away from keyboard (AFK) or playing a video playlist.

I’ve been used this extension on my browser and found it works perfectly as it expected. With only 18 KB in size, Chrome memory consumption might not be a great concern regarding this plugin.

Youtube ad Auto-skipper – Chrome Webstore

Skip ad on Youtube videos with Firefox add-on

Still made by the same developer, Shreya Dahal has also released Firefox version of Youtube Ad Auto-skipper extension. The add-on undoubtedly works with an absolutely similar result like the Chrome. It provides automatic skip ad button but does not block an ad. Don’t worry Youtubers, your daily income will not be depleted because of this.


In order to install, go to the add-on page using Mozilla Firefox browser, click “Add to Firefox” and please wait for installation progress. Then it will activate immediately without configuration.

Youtube Ad Auto-skipper – Firefox Add-on Website

Automatically skip ad on Youtube Android using AdSkip app

The last options came from the eager community, XDA Developers. They just created an app named Cygery AdSkip for Youtube, designed to automatically hit the “Skip Ad” button on Youtube video that running in the Android phone.

This app isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet, so you need to register an account on the XDA Developers website first to get the app. The registration process does not take any cost. Also, the app has a full functionality for free. Please note that some user says this app is no longer working on several types of phone, so don’t expect too high.

Cygrey AdSkip for Youtube – XDA Developers Labs

That’s several ways to automatically skip Youtube ads. However, the video ad that shows in the early or middle of the video is inevitable. You cannot control what kind of ads showing while watching. The policy is fully handled by Youtube and there’s no way to get rid of it. Perhaps in near future, they will give an option to prevent that ad.


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