5 Best Free Apps to Monitor PC’s Temperature Accurately

5 Best Free Apps to Monitor PC's Temperature

It’s important to measure the temperature of every single component of your computer so you don’t get too hot and know your computer’s limit. This is also especially crucial if you overclocking one of the computer components.

Not only that, a component that gets too hot too fast may be a sign that it needs to be cleaned or even replaced soon.

Here are 5 best free apps to monitor PC’s temperature!

#1 CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo - 5 Best Free Apps to Monitor PC's Temperature Accurately 3

CrystalDiskInfo not only comes with a simple interface but also offers advanced monitoring for almost all hardware inside your PC. It mainly keeps your eyes on the processor, graphics card, motherboard, and storage. When one of them gets very hot, the system will show a warning to prevent over-heat.

It has an AAM/APM control, graph chart, and S.M.A.R.T information which indeed helpful for monitoring PC health. CrystalDiskInfo able to send a notification email to someone when the machine’s temperature is about to break. It is literally useful for all-day operated computers, like servers or workstations.

Download CrystalDiskInfo

#2 Core Temp

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Core Temp is compact, lightweight software to monitor processor. It provides a real-time temperature of each core along with power consumption. When the temperature is normal, its icon in the task will glow gently in green, orange for warm, and red for hot. It seems not precise for gaming usage which generally on a full screen, and so blocking the taskbar.

Instead, the Core Temp may be suitable for a video editor or any professional software that consume more power during the work, like rendering video or 3D design. This app comes with a small size and occupies less memory; it’s good for the low-end computer.

Download Core Temp

#3 Open Hardware Monitor

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Open Hardware Monitor is a free open source software that provides a real-time temperature of the chip, voltages load, speed clock, and fan rotation speed. That information outlined in a tree-like structure and help you easy to spot every single component inside the machine. The program is capable of running in the system tray to reduce the load. Monitor gadget also available for Windows 7 user.

It supports major chip architecture, as well as the motherboard, GPU, and storage. Unfortunately, this simple app did not show a warning once the temperature gets over, so it relying upon the user to check the temperature regularly.

DownloadOpen Hardware Monitor

#4 SpeedFan

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SpeedFan is typically basic software to monitor vital signs of the computer, including HDD RPM, voltages, temperature, and some important events. To be honest, this app’s interface seems like an early 2000 computer, not surprising because the developer has launched the software about that time. It can detect any fans and gain control of them.

Despite have fewer features, the SpeedFan provides fan control where you can adjust the speed to lower hardware’s temperature. When the room temperature is cold, you can decrease the fan RPM or shut it down for saving energy. Meanwhile, if you are using a notebook that has no fan, this software might not be beneficial.

Download SpeedFan


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HWiNFO provides in-depth information regarding hardware’s health, not just temperature. It has tremendous descriptions that probably you don’t want to read all altogether. The interface is pretty much complex, but you can switch to a summary version if you wish. Generated report and alert can be exported to the text, CSV, XML, or HTML format.

This kind of software is good for the server, cryptocurrency miner, or anything else which requires an all-day workload. HWiNFO is available both the installer and a portable version for Windows and DOS.

Download HWiNFO

Alright. That’s the best five software (in my opinion) to monitor a PC’s temperature, at least from the most simpler to the complex one. Don’t forget to regularly clean your PC from dust so the air can flow through smoothly and reducing the overall temperature.

Which temperature-monitoring software do you prefer the most?