How to Control Ads from Google So That’s Relevant for You

How to Control Ads

The advertisement is a heart of the majority of a website on the internet. Google, Youtube, and Facebook is an example of companies which gains revenue from displaying ads for its user. The income from ads used to operate the server, pay the employee, development, cost, and many more. They maintain the ads content to make it as relevant as possible.

Let’s take someone who likes to read about a sport. The ads (from Google) is designed to be relevant based on your interest and activity. So, it tends to expose suitable ads that you probably love to see. Relevant ads also help to find new great stuff that you never know.

So, how to control ads? In this article, we’re gonna reconfigure ad-interest on Google ecosystem. I pick Google because in general, we always using its services every day, for instances, Youtube, Android, Gmail, and Google Search Engine. Also, over 2 million website and apps (including this website) are part of Adsense program which provided by Google.

How to Control Ads from Google

On your authorized device, go to this link The settings page is available both computer and phone device. Make sure you logged in to obtain full configuration.

By default, Google listed over 100 topics that can be adopted for ads benchmark. Click the ⊗ button to remove the topic from the list. In addition, you can click New Topic if your favorite subject isn’t listed yet.

How to Control Ads


Instead of removing default topics one by one, Google allows you to add exclusion topic through Topics You Don’t Like tab menu. This method is highly recommended if you have a fewer disliked topic.

How to Control Ads

How does Google Ads work?

Google is harvesting your information as you use the company’s services. They’re not spying on you, instead, Google is determining interest topic from the search query, favorite video, age, location, types of website you visit, and many more. Here’s the list where Google get your information.

  • Information from Google account, like age and gender
  • Location (Android device)
  • From search query on Google Search Engine
  • Previous interactions with ads
  • Types of a website you regularly visit
  • Types of mobile app activity
  • General activities when logged in Google

Furthermore, Google says that they’re not selling your information to other business. Meanwhile, the advertisers only see what ads have been clicked/tap or seen, they never know your personal information. To learn more about Google advertising system, visit Google Privacy: How Ads Work.


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