How to Block and Limit Access to YouTube Videos on Roku Devices

Roku devices are popular streaming media players that provide easy access to various streaming services and channels, including YouTube. However, you may want to limit or block access to YouTube on your Roku device, especially if children use it. Here are the best methods to block and restrict YouTube access on Roku.

Set Up Roku Parental Controls

Roku has basic parental control features that allow you to restrict content purchases and rentals. To enable:

  1. Go to Settings > Parental Controls on your Roku device
  2. Set a PIN code
  3. Choose restrictions for “Movie Store and TV Store purchases” and “Require PIN for purchases”

This will block purchases or rentals in streaming channels. However, it does not specifically block the YouTube app or videos. It only applies to transactions.

Remove the YouTube Channel

You can completely remove the YouTube channel from your Roku home screen:

  1. Highlight the YouTube tile and press * on your Roku remote
  2. Select Remove Channel
  3. Confirm removal

This will delete the YouTube app from your Roku device. Note: This is reversible if you want to re-add YouTube later.

Use Roku TV Parental Controls

If you have a Roku TV (not just a streaming stick), you can block specific channels, including YouTube:

  1. Go to Settings > Parental Controls > TV Inputs
  2. Set a PIN code
  3. Select your HDMI input with the Roku device
  4. Choose Blocked Devices
  5. Block the Roku input

Now YouTube and other channels require the PIN to access.

Enable YouTube Restricted Mode

You can limit YouTube content without fully blocking it:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your Roku device
  2. Go to Settings > Restricted Mode
  3. Enable Restricted Mode

This will filter more mature YouTube content based on an algorithm.

Use Third-Party DNS Filtering

Services like OpenDNS and AdGuard DNS allow you to block domains and filter content at the network level. You can block YouTube specifically on your Roku device while allowing it on other devices.

Set Up Separate User Profiles

Create a kids profile on your Roku that blocks YouTube. And keep a profile for adults that allows YouTube access. Switch between profiles to change restrictions.


Limiting YouTube access on Roku takes some creativity since parental control features are limited. But using a combination of the built-in restrictions, YouTube’s Restricted Mode, and third-party DNS filtering allows you to control and customize access. Set up user profiles to cater restrictions based on who is watching.