How to Boost Your Snapchat Score Rapidly

Having a high Snapchat score shows how active you are on the platform. A higher score means you send more snaps, post more stories, and engage with Snapchat features more frequently. For those looking to increase visibility and credibility on Snapchat, boosting your score can help.

Here are some of the most effective ways to rapidly increase your Snapchat score:

Send More Snaps

The number one way to boost your score is to send more snaps. Each snap you send counts towards your score. Focus on snapping friends individually rather than in group chats. The more 1-on-1 snaps you send, the faster your score will go up. Aim to send at least 10-20 snaps per day to quickly see your score rise.

Open Snaps From Friends

When your friends send you snaps, be sure to open them. Simply receiving snaps contributes to your overall score. So open every snap you get, even if it’s just your friend saying “hey.” The more snaps you open, the more your score increases.

Post Stories Frequently

Posting stories is another great way to add points to your score. Stories also help increase visibility, as they appear in quick add and allow new Snapchatters to find you. Post at least 2-3 stories per day to keep your content fresh and engaging for viewers.

Maintain Snap Streaks

Snap streaks count towards your Snapchat score. A streak occurs when you and a friend have snapped each other within 24 hours for at least 3 consecutive days. The number next to a friend’s name shows your streak count. Focus on keeping streaks going with several friends to quickly boost your score.

Watch Discover Videos

Snapchat Discover features content from top publishers. Spending time watching Discover videos can increase your score. Aim to watch at least 5-10 videos per day to add points while staying entertained.

Use Creative Tools

Playing around with Snapchat’s creative tools like lenses, geofilters, stickers, and drawing also counts towards your score. Get creative with your snaps by trying out these different features. Using multiple features in one snap can rack up points quickly.

Link Other Accounts

Linking some of your other social media accounts to Snapchat can give your score a boost. Accounts you can link include Bitmoji, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and more. And linking your email and phone number also counts towards your score.

Add More Friends

Adding more friends on Snapchat provides you with more people to interact with. This means more opportunities to send snaps, resulting in a higher score for you. Search for people in Snapchat’s Quick Add feature or post your username on other platforms to get more friends to add.

Avoid Texting

Snapchat scores are based on snaps, not chat messages. So avoid lengthy conversations over text chat if you’re aiming to increase your score. Stick to sending photo and video snaps as much as possible.

By following these tips and being active daily on Snapchat, you’ll see your score start to rapidly improve. Consistently using Snapchat features is key to boosting your score.

Tips for Checking Your Score

Here are some tips for monitoring your rising Snapchat score:

  • Check your score daily to track progress. Open your profile and look under your name.
  • Compare your score over time. Screenshot your score each week to compare.
  • See if your friends’ scores are rising at a similar pace. This shows your effort is paying off.
  • Set weekly score goals and aim to beat them. Challenge yourself!

Can You Increase Your Score Too Fast?

Some users have reported being temporarily locked out of Snapchat when their score improves too quickly. This seems to happen if your score jumps several thousand points in a day.

To avoid issues, try to keep your daily score gains under 2,000 points per day. If your score leaps too high in a short timeframe, take a break from Snapchat for a few hours before continuing.

Why Boost Your Snapchat Score?

While an elevated score has no tangible impact on how you use Snapchat, there are some potential benefits:

  • Bragging rights – High scores impress friends
  • Increased visibility – Active users appear higher in search results
  • Looks professional – Brands want to partner with popular accounts

In the end, your Snapchat score simply reflects your activity on the platform. But if increasing it motivates you to engage more with Snapchat and its community, then boosting your score can be a fun and worthwhile goal!