How to Play As Jean Character in Genshin Impact

As an avid Genshin Impact player with over 2 years of experience and expertise, I’m excited to provide this comprehensive guide to playing as Jean. Jean is an incredibly versatile 5-star Anemo sword character who can fill multiple roles on your team as a main DPS, sub DPS, or healer.

Jean’s Abilities and Best Builds

Jean’s elemental skill, Gale Blade, launches enemies into the air and deals massive Anemo damage. At Ascension 4, it regenerates health for your active character based on Jean’s ATK.

Her elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze, heals your entire party while launching a huge Anemo vortex that sucks in enemies and deals continuous Anemo damage.

This combination of damage and healing makes a hybrid DPS/healer build ideal:

  • 2-piece Gladiator + 2-piece Viridescent Venerer for Anemo DMG bonus
  • Main stats to prioritize: ATK% timepiece, Anemo DMG goblet, Healing Bonus or ATK% circlet
  • Favonius or Anemona Kageuchi are her best 4-star weapons

With this build, Jean can put out strong Anemo DPS while keeping your team healthy. Her crowd control and cleansing abilities also make her a great support unit.

Playing Jean as a Main DPS

While lacking the raw damage potential of specialized DPS characters, Jean can still fill the main damage dealer role in certain team comps.

Key tips:

  • Use 4-piece Viridescent Venerer to shred enemy resistance
  • Level talents evenly with priority on normal/charged attacks
  • Animation cancel her charged attacks for optimum DPS
  • Swirl reactions are crucial – group enemies with her skill and burst
  • Pair with off-field sub DPS characters like Xiangling, Fischl, Beidou etc.

With practice, Jean can unleash devastating skill combos to wipe out waves of enemies. Her self-sustain also means more field time for continuous damage.

Playing Jean as a Sub DPS

Jean truly shines as a sub DPS – she can massively amplify team damage through Viridescent Venerer resistance shred, provide emergency healing, and enable powerful reaction combos with her swirl.

How to maximize her support potential:

  • 4-piece Viridescent Venerer, prioritizing ER/EM/ATK%
  • Level her skill and burst over normal attacks
  • Use skill to group enemies then swirl with burst
  • Rotate quickly between Jean and on-field main DPS
  • Heal and cleanse with her burst as needed
  • Pair with pyro/hydro/electro main DPS for amplifying reactions

With some energy recharge investment, Jean can have near 100% burst uptime. This makes her skill and burst incredibly valuable for enabling big reaction damage.

Playing Jean as the Healer

As one of Genshin’s best pure healers, Jean can keep your team alive through the toughest battles.

Maximize her healing output by:

  • 4-piece Maiden Beloved for healing bonus
  • Healing Bonus circlet, ATK% timepiece/goblet
  • Leveling her burst talent as high as possible
  • Using her burst off cooldown for continuous regen
  • Auto-attacking enemies affected by her burst
  • Building extra HP% to increase healing ticks

With enough energy recharge, Jean can burst heal on demand while still contributing solid Anemo damage. She can also act as the Viridescent Venerer holder in reaction comps.

Jean Team Compositions

Here are some of Jean’s most powerful team comps:

Sunfire (Jean + Bennett + off-field pyro + anemo flex)

Constant overload and swirl reactions that shred defenses. Great for AoE damage against heavy enemies.

Freeze (Jean + hydro + cryo)

Enables freeze-shatter combos while providing Viridescent Venerer shred and emergency healing.

Xiao Hypercarry (Jean + Xiao + pyro + electro)

Powers Xiao’s expensive playstyle with Jean’s battery capabilities and attack speed buff.

Taser (Jean + Fischl + Beidou + Xingqiu)

Overload, electro-charged, and swirl reactions for devastating AoE electro and Anemo damage.

Jean’s versatility lets her enable and enhance nearly any elemental DPS. Her unique dual damage and healing also frees up team slots normally reserved for a dedicated healer.