How To Kick and Remove Edit Access From Google Docs Collaborators

Collaborating on documents using Google Docs is extremely convenient. You can easily share access and allow others to view or edit the same document. However, there may come a time when you need to revoke a collaborator’s access. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to kick and remove edit access from Google Docs collaborators.

Check Current Permissions

The first step is to check what permissions your current collaborators have.

  1. Open the Google Docs document
  2. Click the Share button in the top right
  3. Review the list of collaborators and their permission levels (Can edit, Can comment, Can view)

Take note of any collaborators you want to remove.

Disable Sharing Permissions

To prevent collaborators from further sharing:

  1. Click Share > Advanced in the document
  2. Uncheck the box for “Editors can change permissions and share”
  3. Click Done

Now they cannot add additional collaborators.

Revoke Access

To completely revoke access:

  1. Click the Share button again
  2. Find the collaborator you want to remove
  3. Click the ⋮ icon next to their name
  4. Select Remove

Repeat for any other collaborators you want to remove.

Transfer Ownership (Optional)

If you want to transfer ownership of the document:

  1. Click Share > Advanced
  2. Enter the new owner’s email address under “Transfer ownership”
  3. Click Save

The new owner will have full editing and sharing privileges.

Remove From Revision History

To erase all traces of a collaborator:

  1. Click File > Version history > See version history
  2. Click the ⋮ icon next to their name in the revision history
  3. Choose Remove from history to delete all their edits

This will permanently erase their contributions.

Securing Documents

To further lock down Google Doc access:

  • Disable link sharing
  • Set an expiration date
  • Disable printing/downloading (view only access)

These additional restrictions can help secure sensitive documents.

Tips for Collaborating

Here are some best practices when collaborating in Google Docs:

  • Discuss purpose and structure first
  • Set clear contributor guidelines
  • Use comment threads for discussions
  • Limit editing access only if necessary
  • Transfer ownership once finalized

Following these tips will lead to more organized and productive collaborations!


Revoking collaborator access in Google Docs is straightforward. By checking permissions, disabling sharing ability, removing accounts, and deleting history – you can completely restrict someone’s access with just a few clicks. Implementing additional security protocols can help lock down your documents even further. With the right settings and some forethought, Google Docs can enable seamless collaboration while still maintaining control.