How To Delete and Remove All Website Bookmarks Saved in Google Chrome

Bookmarks in Google Chrome allow you to easily save your favorite websites for quick access later. However, over time you may accumulate hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks that clutter your browser and make it difficult to find the sites you actually still use. Therefore, it’s important to periodically clean out old and unused bookmarks. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to delete bookmarks on Google Chrome.

Delete Individual Bookmarks

To delete a single bookmark:

  • On Desktop: Right click on the bookmark in the bookmarks bar or menu and select “Delete”.
  • On Mobile: Tap the three dot menu, go to Bookmarks, tap on the bookmark folder, tap the three dots next to the bookmark, and select “Delete”.

This instantly removes the bookmark.

Delete Multiple Bookmarks

To delete multiple bookmarks at once:

  • Open the Bookmark Manager
    • Desktop: Click the three dot menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
    • Mobile: Tap the three dot menu > Bookmarks
  • Select the bookmarks you want to delete by holding CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) and clicking on each one.
  • Click “Delete” in the upper right.

This will delete all selected bookmarks.

Delete a Folder of Bookmarks

To delete an entire folder of bookmarks:

  • Open the Bookmark Manager
  • Right click on the folder and select “Delete”
  • Confirm the deletion

This removes the folder and all bookmarks inside it.

Delete All Bookmarks

To delete all bookmarks saved in Google Chrome:

  • Open the Bookmark Manager
  • Press CTRL+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac) to select all bookmarks
  • Click “Delete” in the upper right

This will delete every bookmark saved in Chrome across all folders.

Warning: This cannot be undone, so be certain before deleting all bookmarks.

Alternative Method to Delete All Bookmarks

An alternative way to delete all Chrome bookmarks is through a special URL:

  1. Type chrome://bookmarks in the address bar and press Enter
  2. Press CTRL+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac) to select all bookmarks
  3. Press the Delete key
  4. Confirm the deletion

Tips for Managing Bookmarks

Here are some additional tips for keeping bookmarks organized in Chrome:

Use Folders

  • Create folders for different topics or website categories
  • Drag and drop bookmarks into the appropriate folders

Remove Duplicate Bookmarks

  • Check for and delete any duplicate bookmark entries

Periodically Review and Remove Outdated Bookmarks

  • Every few months, scan all bookmarks and remove any for sites you no longer visit

Sync Bookmarks Across Devices

  • Turn on bookmark syncing in Chrome settings to access the same bookmarks on all signed-in devices

Use the Bookmark Bar

  • Display your most used bookmark folders and sites right in the bookmark bar for easy access

Add Descriptive Names and Notes

  • Rename generic bookmark names to something descriptive
  • Add notes about the content of bookmarked pages

Keeping your Chrome bookmarks clean, organized, and up-to-date will help you save time and frustration when revisiting your favorite sites. Follow the deletion steps outlined above periodically to remove unused bookmarks.

Implementing the bookmark management best practices will also ensure you can always quickly find the sites you are actually looking for. Mastering your Chrome bookmarks takes a bit of work but pays off tremendously in the long run with a smooth and clutter-free browsing experience.