How to Delete and Remove the App Store on iPhone

The App Store is the gateway to downloading apps on your iPhone. It comes pre-installed on every iPhone and cannot be permanently deleted. However, you can restrict or hide the App Store app if you want to limit app downloads or purchases. Here’s how to delete or remove the App Store on iPhone.

Why Would You Want to Delete the App Store?

Here are some common reasons for removing the App Store from your iPhone:

  • To prevent unwanted app downloads or purchases, especially for kids’ devices
  • To declutter your home screen by removing unused default apps
  • If you accidentally deleted the icon and want to get it back
  • To troubleshoot issues with app downloads or updates

Can You Fully Delete the App Store?

No, the App Store is a core iPhone app and cannot be permanently deleted even with a jailbreak. But you have a few options to restrict, hide or temporarily remove it:

Restrict In-App Purchases and Downloads

The easiest way is to use Screen Time parental controls to disable:

  • In-App Purchases: Stops paid app downloads or in-app purchases.
  • Installing Apps: Prevents installing any new apps from the App Store.
  • Deleting Apps: Stops deleting any apps.

To enable restrictions:

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Time
  2. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions
  3. Enter your passcode if prompted
  4. Scroll down and select iTunes & App Store Purchases
  5. Toggle off In-App Purchases, Installing Apps, and Deleting Apps

This will keep the App Store visible but block any new downloads, purchases, or app deletion.

Remove the App Store from the Home Screen

If you just want to hide the App Store icon, you can remove it from your home screen:

  1. Long press the App Store icon until the apps start jiggling
  2. Tap the X icon on the top-left of the App Store app
  3. Confirm deletion

This keeps the App Store in your library for easy access later.

Reset the Home Screen

You can also reset your home screen layout to default settings:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset
  2. Tap Reset Home Screen Layout

This will remove all customization and restore built-in apps like App Store back to their original locations.

What Happens When You Delete the App Store?

Since the App Store cannot be permanently deleted, removing the icon just hides it from the home screen. Here’s what happens:

  • Updates Stop: Your installed apps will no longer update automatically in the background.
  • Reinstalling Not Possible: You cannot install any new apps or reinstall deleted apps.
  • In-App Purchases Fail: Any attempted in-app purchases will fail.

So while your existing apps still function, limited app functionality causes issues in the long run.

How to Get the App Store Back on iPhone

If you hid the App Store using restrictions or by removing the icon, get it back with:

Check Restrictions

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

  • Make sure iTunes & App Store Purchases settings are enabled
  • Toggle ON the Installing Apps and Deleting Apps options

This will instantly restore App Store functionality if disabled here.

Restore from the App Library

The App Library contains all your apps even if they’re removed from the home screen.

  1. From your home screen, swipe left until you reach the App Library
  2. Scroll up and search for “App Store”
  3. Tap and hold the App Store icon
  4. Drag it back onto your home screen

Reset the Home Screen Layout

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This restores your home screen to default settings, with App Store back in its original location.

Re-enabling restrictions or removing the icon will require repeating these steps to view App Store again.

Permanently Deleting the App Store from iPhone

There is no conventional method to permanently delete App Store even by jailbreaking or editing system files since it is integrated at the iOS firmware level.

Attempting system file modifications to remove App Store is complex with a high risk of rendering your iPhone unstable or unusable.

The only guaranteed way is by deleting and reinstalling the entire iOS firmware through iTunes or Finder. But this also wipes your iPhone completely, removing all apps, data, and settings in the process.

In most cases, using restrictions to disable App Store functionality is better than attempting risky system-level modifications for permanent removal. Restrictions achieve the same effect without data loss or instability risks.

FAQs about Deleting App Store on iPhone

Does deleting App Store also delete all apps?

No, removing just the App Store icon does not delete or uninstall apps you already have installed. All apps remain fully functional.

Can I redownload apps if App Store is removed?

No. Without the App Store, you cannot download any new apps or reinstall any previously purchased apps.

What happens to app subscriptions if I delete App Store?

Removing App Store does not cancel existing app or service subscriptions. However, subscription apps may stop working correctly without the ability for App Store-based renewals.

What happens to app data if I delete and reinstall iOS?

Deleting iOS to remove App Store permanently also deletes all app data. You start with a blank slate when reinstalling iOS and apps.


While the App Store cannot be permanently deleted from iPhone, you can easily restrict and hide it using built-in Screen Time parental controls. Disabling app installs/deletion and purchases blocks App Store access without stability risks.

Reset and restore the App Store anytime by re-enabling restrictions, using the App Library, or resetting the home screen layout. This quickly restores full App Store functionality when needed.