How to Disable Automatic ‘Windows Update’ on Windows 10 PC

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10

Since Windows 10 is the last operating system by Microsoft, there will be no sequel OS again. Instead, Microsoft provides a regular update for this system so it’s stay relevant.

In certain cases, Windows 10 update can be exhausting, took a lot of time, and draining internet data. So, there’s an urge to disable this feature altogether.

Here how you can disable automatic updates on Windows 10.

NOTE: We highly recommend you to keep Windows Update on to ensure security fix and other improvements. Only disable automatic updates if you know what you want to do.

How to disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10

1. Go to Start Menu and type service on the search bar. The system should immediately found the program and then open it.

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10

2. Now, locate Windows Update. It usually located at the bottom of the list.

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10

3. On the Windows Update item, right-click and select Properties. It will show you a new window, go to the Startup type drop-down menu and select Disabled. Next, click OK to apply the setting.

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10

In case you still want to get a new update but want to control when the update installed, please choose Manual instead of Disabled.

If you pick a Manual option, Windows 10 will still get update information but need to be installed manually by the user.

On the Windows Update Settings, the result will be like this.

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10

In my opinion, the Manual is the best option for some users. The updates still available and you can install them whenever you want, plus it won’t annoy you by stealing internet bandwidth during the work time.

Please keep in mind that Windows 10 is the final OS by Microsoft. You may ignore minor updates but at least installing some major updates should be installed once available.

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