How to Disable Immersion Breaking UI Navigation Symbols in Roblox Games


User interface (UI) design is an important aspect of game development in Roblox. A good UI allows for intuitive controls and navigation while also being visually appealing. However, the default Roblox UI contains certain elements like navigation symbols that can be immersion breaking in some game genres. Disabling these UI elements helps create a more seamless experience.

Understanding Immersion Breaking Elements

Immersion refers to the player’s state of mind when they are engrossed in the game world. The player feels like they are part of the game’s reality. Any jarring visuals or controls that remind the player they are just playing a game can break this immersion.

Some examples of immersion breaking UI elements in Roblox include:

  • The back, close, and settings icons in the top right corner
  • Screen resolution adjustment icons
  • Default on-screen gamepad controls
  • Top navigation bar with home button

These stand out visually and don’t fit aesthetically into most game worlds. Players might find themselves distracted by these symbols.

Methods to Disable UI Elements

There are a few ways developers can disable UI elements in their Roblox games:

1. SetCoreGuiEnabled

The SetCoreGuiEnabled function allows you to hide different parts of the default Roblox UI.

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.All, false)

This hides all UI elements except the Roblox icon. You can also selectively disable UI types like Backpack or Chat.

2. TopbarEnabled

You can set the TopBarEnabled property on a ScreenGui to false to hide the top navigation bar.

script.Parent.TopBarEnabled = false

3. IgnoreGuiInset

Setting IgnoreGuiInset to true on a ScreenGui makes it draw over the space reserved for UI elements.

script.Parent.IgnoreGuiInset = true

Genre Specific Considerations

The need to disable UI elements depends on the game genre. Here are some examples:

RPGs and Adventure Games

These games aim to deeply immerse the player in a fantasy world. All non-diegetic UI elements should be disabled. Keep only vital heads-up display like health bars.

Tycoons and Simulators

These can feature more UI elements like resources, objectives, and options. But removing external navigation helps players focus.

PvP Games

On-screen controls for mobile players are necessary here. But additional UI can obstruct viewports.

Implementing Custom UI

Simply disabling the default UI leaves you with a blank canvas. You need to replace necessary functions with custom interfaces:

Menus and Options: Replace default settings menu with in-game menu screens.

Navigation: Waypoint markers, maps, compasses, etc. can guide players.

Controls: Mobile joystick graphics, radial menus work better than button icons.

Make sure new UI elements match the visual theme. Annotate elements if the function isn’t directly clear.


Immersion is important for gameplay experience. Analyze which parts of the default Roblox UI could break immersion in your game. Tailor the interface using the methods discussed to only show players what they need. Replace disabled functions with well-designed custom interfaces. This results in intuitive and non-intrusive UI that doesn’t take players out of the game world.