How to Equip and Use Perk Abilities in Dead by Daylight Game

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where four survivors face off against a killer. Both survivors and killers have unique abilities called perks that give them advantages during trials. Here is a guide on how to equip and use perk abilities effectively in Dead by Daylight.

Unlocking and Equipping Perks

Survivor Perks

To equip perks on a survivor:

  1. Select the survivor you want from the Survivors menu
  2. Go to the Loadout menu
  3. In the loadout, you can see slots for 4 perks
    • You unlock additional perk slots at levels 5, 10, and 15
  4. Hover over an empty perk slot and select a perk to equip it

To unlock more perks:

  • Each survivor has 3 unique “teachable” perks that become available in their Bloodweb at levels 30, 35, and 40
  • Once unlocked, a survivor’s teachable perks can appear in other survivors’ Bloodwebs
    • This allows you to equip perks from other survivors

Killer Perks

The process is the same for killers:

  1. Select the killer
  2. Go to their Loadout
  3. Equip perks in the 4 slots
  4. Killers unlock perk slots at levels 5, 10, 15
  5. Killers have teachable perks at levels 30, 35, 40

So level up both survivors and killers to unlock more perks!

Using Perks Effectively

Perks can be passive abilities or abilities that require activation. Here are some tips:

  • Passive perks – These take effect automatically based on certain conditions
    • Example: Iron Will reduces grunts of pain from injuries
  • Activation perks – These require pressing the Action button to activate the ability
    • Example: Decisive Strike allows escaping the killer’s grasp
  • Read each perk’s description to understand how to use it
  • Choose perks that complement your playstyle and strategy
  • Combine perks that provide information (Like Kindred) with chase or altruism perks
  • Use exhaustion perks (Sprint Burst, Dead Hard) judiciously, since they disable temporarily after use

Strong Meta Perk Builds

Here are some powerful perk builds used in the current meta:


  • Decisive Strike / Dead Hard / Borrowed Time / Iron Will
    • Anti-tunneling and chase focused
  • Kindred / Bond / Open Handed / Prove Thyself
    • Maximize team coordination
  • Circle of Healing / Shadow Step / Off the Record / Sprint Burst
    • Stealth and healing


  • Hex: Ruin / Barbecue & Chilli / Pop Goes the Weasel / Corrupt Intervention
    • Slow early game gen progress
  • Lethal Pursuer / Save the Best for Last / Starstruck / Agitation
    • Chase and down survivors quickly
  • Thanatophobia / Dying Light / Sloppy Butcher / Jolt
    • Slow healing and gen speeds

Test out different perk combinations until you find builds that suit your personal strategy and style. With practice, you will learn how to effectively equip and use perks to outplay opponents in Dead by Daylight matches.