How To Export All Contacts From Your iPhone to Computer

Exporting all your contacts from your iPhone to your computer is important to have a backup in case you ever lose or switch phones. Here is a detailed guide on the best methods to export contacts from iPhone to computer.

Why Export iPhone Contacts

Here are some key reasons why you should export your iPhone contacts:

  • Backup – By exporting your contacts to your computer, you have a separate backup if you ever lose or break your iPhone. You can easily import the contacts back if needed.
  • Switching Phones – If you are switching from iPhone to Android or to a new iPhone, exporting your contacts makes transferring them to the new phone much easier.
  • Edit on Computer – It can be easier to edit and manage a large number of contacts using a computer rather than your iPhone. Export them to make edits, then import back to your iPhone.

Methods to Export Contacts from iPhone

There are a few different methods you can use to export contacts from your iPhone. Here are the best options:

1. Use iCloud

The easiest way for most people is to use iCloud. Just make sure contacts syncing with iCloud is enabled on your iPhone by going to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Contacts. Then on your computer, go to, sign in with the same Apple ID, and export your contacts.


  • Easy to setup with iPhone’s built-in tools
  • Syncs automatically across devices


  • Need an iCloud account
  • Limited free storage space on iCloud

2. Use iTunes (or Finder on Mac)

You can also sync your iPhone contacts locally to your computer using iTunes on Windows or Finder on Mac. Just connect your iPhone, enable contact syncing when prompted, and export the contacts from your computer.


  • No cloud account required
  • Works with Windows and Mac


  • Only syncs when iPhone connected to computer
  • Full backups can take time

3. Use a Contact Management App

Apps like My Contacts Backup make it easy to export all your iPhone contacts with one tap. It also lets you save backups automatically.


  • Simple one-tap export all contacts
  • Set automatic backups


  • Typically paid apps
  • Rely on third-party developer

How Many Contacts Can You Export from iPhone

There is no built-in limit on how many contacts you can export from your iPhone or how large the export files can be. The number exported just depends on how many contacts you have saved. Each contact app and service has limits though:

  • iCloud: Can sync unlimited contacts
  • Outlook: Limited to maximum of 5,000 contacts
  • Gmail: Limited to maximum of 25,000 contacts

So if you use iCloud, you can export your full contacts list no matter how large. For other services, you may be limited to 5,000 or 25,000 contacts.

Should You Edit Contacts Before Exporting

If you have a very large contact list, you may want to edit it down before exporting your iPhone contacts. Here are some ways to edit contacts:

  • Delete unused contacts – Scan through and remove any contacts you no longer need.
  • Merge duplicate contacts – If any contacts are duplicated, select all fields and merge into one contact.
  • Separate personal and business – You can export your contacts in separate lists for personal and business contacts.

Editing will allow you to export a cleaner contact list, making it easier to manage your contacts on your computer and import back to a new phone when switching devices.

How to Import Contacts to Your New iPhone

Once you have exported your iPhone contacts and saved them on your computer, how do you get them back onto a new phone? Importing them is simple.

For an iPhone, you can use iCloud or iTunes to import contacts back. For Android, you can typically import the contacts via the computer during setup. Or if you saved the contacts using a Google Account or Microsoft Account, you can sync those accounts to your Android to pull in contacts.

The key is that by properly exporting your iPhone contacts to begin with, you ensure you have a simple way to import your contacts to any new smartphone.


Exporting your iPhone contacts enables you to have a backup saved off your phone, easily manage your contacts on your computer, transfer contacts when switching phones, and gives you peace of mind knowing your contacts are safe.

Be sure to use iCloud, iTunes, or a contacts management app to properly export contacts from your iPhone to computer. Edit the contacts to clean up duplicates or unused contacts. And understand how to import your contacts back to iPhone or Android when switching phones.

By following this iPhone contacts export guide, you can save yourself major hassle down the road if you ever lose or upgrade your iPhone.